Monday, February 28, 2011

China Glaze Crackle Giveaway ***CLOSED***

Here's your chance to win two of the China Glaze crackle glazes, Lightening Bolt and Fault Line!

How to enter:

Comment on this post and tell me three things:
  • Your email address;
  • How you subscribe to "Also Known As..." (i.e. Google Friend Connect, email, BlogLovin');
  • Your favorite hard-to-find nail polish.

Open internationally, ends  Sunday March 6th, 6 pm MST. Only enter once please, multiple entries will be discarded. Good luck my pretties!



  1. Hey! thank you for this giveaway! my email is, i sub to you via google friend connect and my fave hard to find polish... hmm i dunno, im pretty new into being obsessed with polish so all my faves are pretty easy to find. i would LOVE to find Essies Starry Starry night though :)

  2. ♥
    ♥ via google friends coonec (rhaindropz)
    ♥ hard to find polish: Sand Tropez (Essie)

  3. im subsc. by you blog , google and fb and i never try the craklet colecction .. i want try .. and bdw i love china glaze polishes

  4. theveroblog(at)gmail(dot)com

    GFC: theVEROblog

    My favorite hard to find nail polish is Sally Hansen Hidden happy I found it!

    I subscribe through google connect
    My hard to find nail polish was Ruby Pumps but now it's Catrice polishes as they're not sold this side of Europe =( xx


    Google friend contact

    OPI Standing Room Only Silver

  7. Please enter me honey! I follow you through blogger, and love Lincoln Park After Dark! Kori oxxo

  8. Hello!!!
    Google Account

    I would love to get my hands on the older OPI DS colors, DS Original, most definitely!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win these fantastic polishes!!!

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  10. GFC: Tink l

    email: tee.i.n.k at gmail dot com

    nail polish: Chinaglaze Sexagon

  11. EM:

    GFC: TrailerHood Chic

    My fav is OPI DS Glamour

  12. OMG, i want crackle polish so bad, i love your blog so much, will you check out mine? but i dont know how to email you so...

  13. My email address is
    on google friend connect i'm elizabeth langille
    and my fav hard to find polish is OPI Rainforest

  14. Hi I'm Olivia!
    My email is oliviatroutman(at)gmail(dot)com
    I follow via GFC - OliviasNails
    My favortie hard to find nail polish is probably OPI's Mad As A Hatter. I saw it in a magazine and I really wanted it but was never able to. That's actually how I found the nail polish community. I was looking for dupes of MAAH and found a few blogs that seemed interesting and yeah. Now I'm obsessed! haha



    I'm subscribed to you by email and love your site! Keep up the good work :)

    Ocean Mist Milk Creamy Nail by Skin Food
    It's hard to find because it's from Korea! It comes in a cute bottle shaped like a milk bottle.


    GFC - snooglerat

    I want to have the China Glaze Holo collection esp OMG! :)

  17. Jeannine

    I read your posts through Google reader

    My favorite HTFs that I own are the China Glaze OMG collection polishes. I love them.

  18. My email is I follow via GFC (msliwerski). My favourite HTF is China Glaze Atlantis! <3

  19. I am a GFC subscriber.
    My email:

    &My favorite hard to find polish is probably Hidden Treasure--got it for a pretty good deal several months ago :)


    GFC: Jú Vasconcelos

    My favortie hard to find nail polish is Jackie by Impala.

  21. I follow through GFC as terry, and my email is
    My favourite HTF is (of course!) the original MPJ, and probably the Japanese DS. Oh, and Starry Starry Night...x))

  22. Hi (=
    Follow under GFC as cathryn
    my fave HTF was SH Hidden treasure, but i received it in a ROAK.. sooo on to the next one xD

  23. Hey! Thanks for offering these up for us. :) My email is, I follow you through google friend connect (and you're my one and only follower!). Favorite hard to find polish? RBL Killa Red. Drooled over it for ages, and now it's been d/c'd. :(

  24. Email:
    I follow via GFC as anshaffer.
    My favorite HTF is OPI Merry Midnight. I've been looking for it everywhere and have come up with nothing!

    Great giveaway, by the way!

  25. I follow via GFC as Allison

    And hard to find... the only I got that most people struggled to was Hidden Treasure. But really I don't have one.

  26. erikatheicyone (at) yahoo (dot) com

    Follow through GFC as Ice Queen

    Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. I am still kicking my butt that I didn't grab both bottles the day I bought it.

  27. GFC: Lovely Addison
    My favorite are ANY flakies. I stilllllll do not own any. >.<

  28. Hi!!! XD
    Follow you under GFC as Denise Alexandra
    My fav hard-to-fin are the OPI's, because they don't sell it in my country!

  29. Thanks for the giveaway. I follow on GFC as Lacquer WAre for Tips and Toes and my email is dragonrhia (at) gmail (dot) com

    My htf would be OPI My Private Jet Holo

  30. email:
    GFC Follower: Jennifer
    Favorite hard to find: China Glaze L8r G8r and NFU-Oh Flakies!

  31. Hello!


    I follow via GFC under: SAUCY | f. | BABY

    My fave hard to find polish is Gosh's Holographic.

    xo Nicole

  32. I love these and I can't find them anywhere!

    * GFC: JessicaYaq
    * OPI - My Private Jet - One of the holo versions! I bought it years ago when I didn't even care about nail polish. I still can't decide if it's the gray or the brown!

  33. Tennekka (follower name)
    Nfu Oh! I know you can order them online but how I wish I could pick them up at my local store!

  34. Yay great!
    ♥ Email:
    ♥ Follow via GFC as Monik
    ♥ My favourite hard to find polish is Gosh's Holographic.

  35. hello !
    thanks for this giveaway !
    i want to enter, my mail is
    i follow you via GFC Ingrid AUGUSTIN
    and my favourite hard to find nail polish is the Holographic by GOSH !
    thanks again !

  36. Your email address: jenlovesbeauty at gmail dot com
    How you subscribe to "Also Known As...": Google Friend Connect: Jennifer
    Your favorite hard-to-find nail polish: MAC Bad Fairy since it's LE!

  37. My email is amberdawnstudio ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com. I subscribe via GFC, but I really follow through Facebook. And I'm pretty new to my nail polish addiction, but I am totally lemming for Cover Girl IceSlicks Anti-Freeze, which I've seen swatched but never seen IRL.


    GFC: Donna Branquela

    Meu favortie difícil encontrar unha polonês é Azulle - LUDURANA.

  39. I follow through GFC as Ju.
    My email is
    My favorite hard to find polish is Hard Candy's Sky. I'm too broke to buy it on ebay but I may soon succumb to its powers.

    great giveaway!!

  40. Please enter me!

    My favorite hard to find nail polish would probably be OPI Damone Roberts 1968. Sorry pretty!!

    I follow your blog via GFC as Barb. My email is


  41. ooh! exciting! I haven't tried any crackles yet :D

    * bailey025(at)hotmail(dot)com
    * I follow with GFC as Bailey
    * I sooo wanted Revlon Perplex, but it wasn't released in Canada (boo!)

  42. HelloitsJamie2/28/11, 8:48 PM

    Subscribed by: Email
    Hard to find nailpolish: China Glaze Crackle actually lol.. I've been trying online, stores, etc to find some for my friend's birthday coming up.

  43. HelloitsJamie2/28/11, 8:49 PM

    Ooh.. I just want to clarify my email was (I think I made a typo >< Sorry)

  44. threnodynx @ gmail . com
    GFC as Normal Girl Nails
    and my fave HTF polish that don't own is La Boheme - I have wanted it for so long and have never found it! ;_;

  45. email:
    gfc: mszrawny
    hard to find nail polish : OMG by china glaze from the OMG collection

  46. Hey there!

    email-adress: schneevante(at)
    GFC: Schneevante
    also subscribed via email

    My favourite hard to find polish would be Clarins 230 :)

  47. I'm so excited about these polishes :D
    e-mail: anniescolors(at)gmail(dot)com
    I follow via GFC (Annie)

    My newest lemming for a HTF polish is OPI DS Original *sights* It looks so pretty...

  48. My email address:
    How you subscribe to "Also Known As...": Gfc, Gondor Tari.
    Your favorite hard-to-find nail polish: Any of Sally Hansen. I can´t find them in Spain!

  49. Enter me!

    GFC: nico
    E-mail: nico_19tm[at]yahoo[dot]com
    My favourite hard to find polish: OPI Merry Midnight

  50. I love OPI, Hard to find: China Glaze Crackle

  51. Hi! You can find my email in my profile. I am a GFC follower. I have not been able to find just the right shade of light blue that I want. I have dark blue and bright blue, but not sky blue!

  52. email:
    GFC: jadedlights
    polish: well it's not "hard to find"? but it's sold out from RBL the Anne polish from Real Housewives of the Tudor Dynasty

  53. thank you so much for this giveaway:)
    GFC: silke
    subscribed by email and bloglovin

    hard to find(=never be able to find;)polishes: Chanel Ciel de Nuit/Essie Starry Starry Night

  54. Hi and thanx for this nice giveaway.
    I subscribed through google reader
    and my fav HTF polish is CG OMG.
    Thanx again. U rock :)

  55. GFC follower - viennettka
    HTF polish: China Glaze How About a Tumble

  56. Enter me, please! I follow via GFC as Biba .

    e-mail: barbara(dot)skledar (at) gmail(dot)com

    My fav HTF polish would be ChG Channelesque.

  57. Thank you for this giveaway!
    I follow you as rock-or-not
    Here is my mail adress:
    y fav hard to find polish: gosh holographic
    Thank you!


    GFC - Polish Addict

    HTF polish: China Glaze Don't be a square

  59. ♥
    ♥ via google friends coonec (Isa) and Google reader
    ♥ hard to find polish: OPI DS Royal

  60. I'm follow you on GFC :)
    Hard to find polish: midnight blue, Essie. (not available in my country & I don't trust ebay)

  61. Email:
    GFC: Avery
    Favorite hard to find: for a moment it was hard for me to find for audrey. i live in holland and there are no shops who are selling these. and i don't have paypall so it was impossible for me to buy from transdesign. but then there was a groupsorder in holland for transdesign and i joined, that's how i got for audrey :D

  62. *i am a gfc folower as shadab.
    *My htf is like many people here is Hidden Treasure,i am trying to get.
    *email shadad_muslim at yahoo dot co dot in

  63. I'm a GFC follower.
    hard to find: well,currently it's peachy keen from china glaze (because I live in the middle of nowhere,and most of the sites don't ship to my country)

  64. ~ Email:
    ~ I follow via GFC
    ~ My favorite hard to find polish is China Glaze DV8 (I actually still haven't found it yet lol!)


  65. shichan585 AT yahoo DOT it
    GFC: shichan
    My favorite hard-to-find nail polish is gosh holographic.


  66. I follow via GFC as seere and my email is sirqttaja@ gmail. com.
    Hmm, and the HTF polish...There are quite many of them but I'll have to say OPI DS Desire :)

  67. I'm a follower via GFC as Nina
    email: irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

    Revlon Perplex!

  68. Cool Kellie! :D
    I follow through good old GFC ;) email is

    Well basically any polish thats not availible to me is a hard to find. But the Tronica Polishes has been impossible to find for me on ebay. Well the Techno Teal at least.. So thats mine for now ;D

  69. hi!
    I'm a gfc follower under "itmustbebunnies"
    htf polish: sally hansen: sequin scandal

  70. Email: guitarsteffie1@yahoo(dot)com
    GFC: Steffie

    My favorite hard to find polish is: O.P.I My Private Jet (the real Holographic one). I was so happy when I found it online since I had heard so many great things about it. And it was all true :)

  71. email:
    I'm a GFC follower as honey_lili
    my fav HTF is OPI - My Private Jet (holo version) but almost all american brands are HTF here in Switzerland :(

  72. I am your follower via GFC /Elena/

    My HTF is SpaRitual - it is not sold here in Russia

    endlessummer /AT/ yandex /DOT/ com

  73. i.lessthanthree.yoshi(at)gmail(dot)com
    Google Friend Connect (:
    PiCture POlish 751 :L

  74. I follow via GFC as Anna Crystal :D
    chouhime @ gmail DOT com

    Actually... all OPI and China Glaze polishes are hard for me to find because they're not being sold here in Germany and online shops are so super duper expensive. OK they sell OPI - for 20$ a bottle, which I'm not willing to pay.

  75. I follow using GFC, my email address is, my favourite HTF is Sally Hansen Pacific Blue - I want it so badly but Sally Hansen and England don't seem to be on the best terms :P

    Thanks! :)

  76. Hi! amazing giveaway! <3.<3
    Please enter me!
    GFC floryfrancy
    My favourite HTF polish is OPI Merry Midnight
    Finger crossed

  77. Please enter me! I follow you as *Fleur* via GFC and my email is fleurs dot nails at gmail dot com.

    I live in Slovenia, so our HTFs are a bit different from those in the USA. My top of the list HTF have to have but can't get is Lipmann's Lady sings the blues. *sigh*

  78. I follow through GFC as crlsweetie912
    My favorite hard to find polishes (at least in my area) are milani's. My CVS and Walgreens usually only get 1 or 2 in stock and it makes for massive polish hunts to at least 4 or 5 stores on a Saturday morning!

  79. Hi :)

    I follow via GFC as ieva the Green Lover.
    My email address is ivythegreen at

    Aaaand my favourite HTF polish is definitely Clarins 230. I have not seen it in real life but I'm so looking to get it :)

  80. GFC Sara
    OPI DS (ALL DS!)

  81. -
    ♥ via google (*mezzaluna*)
    ♥ hard to find polish: the three pupa nail polishes from baroque collection!

  82. gfc: quinieleong

    I would love to find Gosh Holographic

  83. Following u via GFC Hadia Salahuddin
    ID: hadia_salahuddin[at]hotmail[dot]com
    My htf is OPI My Private Jet Holo

  84. Follow you on GFC

    My fav HTF is Gosh Holographic, still don't have it, but love it on swatches I saw :)

  85. gfc: maRyya
    mar_yya[at] yahoo[dot]com
    i love china glaze and i don't have this brand in my country, so i'd really like to win them!

  86. - clarenightingale at gmail dot com
    - I use Google Reader
    - GOSH holographic

  87. Yay a giveaway!

    *My email is decokate AT gmail DOT com
    *I follow you via Google friend connect
    *My desperate to have polish is Deborah Lippman Across the Universe. Not hard to get for you gals in the States but for us ladies on the other side of the world (Tokyo in my case) it is nigh on impossible to get hold of!! Aaaagh I am soooo lemming for it baaaad :-(

  88. awesome giveaway!!!!
    *i follow via GFC as flrusso
    *my fave HTF (and i still can't find for a decent price) polish is clarins 230

    I follow you through GFC
    my htf polish would have to be RED HOT GLAM by OPI...its sooo great!

  90. Hi my e-mail is
    I subscribe to your blog via
    My favorite hard to find since it's been discontinued nail polish is Chanel Khaki Vert!

  91. Fun! I've been wanting to try a crackle!
    I follow through Google reader
    bazumi at gmail dot com
    At Christmas I was trying to find this gold glitter OPI (I can't think of the name of it now) and all the Sephora stores in Seattle were sold out!

  92. Thank you for this giveaway! I can't get these anywhere, not being located in the USA.
    My email is cherylcherylcheryl(at)gmail(dot)com, I've been following you as Cheryl on GFC. My favourite htf polish would be DS Exclusive, I just found it online at a local etailer!

  93. Yay thank you for this giveaway! My email is gvega007(at)gmail(dot)com and I follow you on Google Friend Connect. I think my favorite HTF polish would have to be Clarins 230!!! :D

  94. thanks for such a great giveaway.
    follow you thru GFC as brownsmoke and email subscribed :)
    hmm... hard to find polish is Revlon 590 and OPI Mad as a hatter.. Revlon has been discontinued for ages but it was such a beautiful silver and i cant find OPI in any of my local stores so im assuming its discontinued too :(

  95. Hi ;)
    Im GFC follower: lady_flower123
    Hard to find?
    Sand Tropez from Essie's spring collection ;)

  96. xlacrimax[at]
    I subscribe to "Also Known As..." via Google Friend Connect.
    I don't have a favorite nail polish - I choose them randomly when I feel like polishing :)

  97. Thanks for the lovely giveaway...

    Pretty please enter me...

    I am stalking you via GFC: Meg
    bloglovin': capturingfashionindia
    and email:

    I love many shades from china glaze itself and some from NARS, which I unfortunately not available in my country. :(
    My fav. is Nars Zulu.



  98. Hi! My email is
    I am subscribed to your blog via email.
    My favorite (although I don't have it) hard to find polish is CG OMG 641. I thought the CG Tronica Hologram would be a good sub but I don't think it is.

    gfc follower tracietrump
    sand tropez by essie

  100. Hi ! I participate! I love nail polishes!
    So my e-mail adress: audrey(at)
    I'm google friend (My Fashion World) and I really would like to find a Barry M nail polish!

  101. My email address: did.someone.say.nailpolish(at), I follow via GFC.

    My favourite hard to find polish, or rather one of my favourites is China Glaze DV8, from those HTF that I actually did find maybe Catherine The Grape. I had real trouble finding it, but then I finally did. :D

  102. Ooohhh...very exciting giveaway! Thank you so much for doing this!
    I follow you via email.
    My latest Nail Polish searches are for CG Bermuda Breakaway, OPI Mad as a Hatter, and Orly Confetti
    Good Luck!


    I'm an email subscriber.

    My favorite hard to find polish is Sally Hansen's Sequin Scandal!

  104. zaskiax[at]
    Irena B
    P2 nail polishes

  105. Following via google, as fisiwoman.
    My fav hard to find polish is Chanel jade green nailpolish.

    Ana Belén R.M

  106. -
    - GFC (Noir Corbeau)
    - Deborah matte nail polishes :)

    I follow with Bloglovin.
    My hard to find polish is OPI - Absolutly Alice


  108. Hi there! Thanks for this giveaway.

    My email is
    I'm following you via Google Connect.
    My favorite hard to find nail polish is China Glaze For Audrey, I can't seem to find it anywhere.

  109. Sorry if I posted this twice >_< it didn't show up when I tried it the first time. Well my email is I subscribe via google reader and my fav hard to find color would have to be a dozen roses from OPI.

  110. My email address; laney_74[at]hotmail[dot]com
    I subscribe through GFC: JustSomeNailsByMJ
    My favorite hard-to-find nail polish is probably the OMG collection from China Glaze. I would love to get my hands on some of those holos!

  111. My email is and I follow via GFC. One polish I'm dying to get my hand on is Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure!

    I follow with GFC
    I would love to find a holo nail polish! They look so cool, but I haven't been able to try one!

    I'm a bloglovin' follower as well as through Google; I'm Bowleena on both.
    I'd love to have Essie's Starry Starry Night!

  114. Hiya! I follow through GFC as Gwen Wijman, my email: gwenwijman[at]gmail[dot]com

    My favourite HTF is OPI DS glamour. But i also LOVE LOVE LOVE MPJ Holo.

  115. Hi I'm Simone!
    My email is simonissima1(at)gmail(dot)com
    I follow via GFC - Simone :-)
    My favortie hard to find nail polish is probably Colorama's polish nail brazilian

  116. I follow via GFC, email is nikkilafleur(at)hotmail(dot)com. My favorites htf's are holo's of any kind but the ones I've been specifically lusting after are the OMG collection *sigh* I'm hoping Tronica will make a decent substitute.
    Thanks for the opportunity, I'm keeping my fingers crossed :)

  117. e-mail is nineteen19 at blackfoot dot net
    GFC follower
    Honestly, I don't have a hard to find nail polish, I just buy by color & price, not brand.
    Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!!

  118. email:
    GFC follower
    Hard to find nail polish - Gosh's Holographic.

    Thanks for holding this fab giveaway.

    Goodluck Ya'l

  119. Awesome giveaway!
    # paula_jongsma [at] hotmail [dot] com
    # Follow via Bloglovin'
    # My favorite hard-to-find nail polish... L'Oreal Star Magnet. If I could get my hands on it, I would be sooo happy.

  120. Yay for giveaway *O*

    OPI La Boheme - the day I find it for a reasonable price I'll probably pee my pants.

  121. i'm following via GFC as casey aimee
    c.kawiecki at

    my favorite hard to find polish is Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure. I'm going to be really upset when I finish my bottle. :(

  122. Great! A chance to get a crackle polish. I still can't get them online. I Follow you on Google Friend Connect. My favorite HTF is China Glaze Moonpool. Thanks Kellie!

    im following with GFC - Juliana Dellangélica
    My favorite nail polish hard to find: Bermuda Shorts by Essie

    I follow vis GFC as Rachel
    My favorite hard to find nail polish is OPI Kinky in Helsinki

  125. jhoannz28(@)
    i follow through GFC as jhoannz
    hard to find China Glaze OMG... no china glaze here

    GFC Viktorija
    My favorite hard to find polish is OPI Mad as a hatter. It was never available in my country :(

  127. ♥ mihaela.mihordea(@) gmail(.) com
    ♥ via GFC: miha.ela
    ♥ I really would like to find a Barry M nail polish!

  128. I follow through Google reader as Sadi

    My favorite HTFs that I own are the China Glaze OMG collection polishes. I love them.

    Blog de Verniz de Unhas - Miss Verniz
    My favorite hard to find polish is Chanel Jade, but it´s to expensive and limit edition..

  130. I follow through GFC as Zara.
    I loooove Hidden Treasure! I had a full bottle, but it's more than 50% empty now that I've used it so much for layering and frankening.

  131. I follow through GFC as Tiffany.

    I love crackle nailpolishes. I've had some a long time ago, and I haven't been able to find any good ones since until I recently heard about the China Glaze Crackle set.

  132. Hello =)

    I'm following you via GFC as Claudia Mendonça

    I love pastel nailpolishes, my favorite brand is Essence**

    Thank you, Xoxo****

  133. hoh.christina (at) gmail (dot) com
    I'm following through GFC as Christina Hoh
    My favorite hard to find polishes are the OMG collection from China Glaze!

  134. caroline.manning.miller (at) gmail (dot) com

    I follow through GFC as VassarVixen

    My fav hard to find nail polish is orly confetti and OPI barefoot in barcelona

  135. This comment has been removed by the author.

  136. Your email address;styleezta at gmail dot com
    How you subscribe to "Also Known As..." GFC follower
    Your favorite hard-to-find nail polish.
    Any Gosh products :( i live in the USA

  137. Hi,
    enter me ,please!
    I follow you via GFC (Camelia Andrasescu)
    Email :
    I like to find OPI-Ate Berries in the Cannaries.

    follow with blogger as prittyemerald
    fave rare is china glaze omg

  139. I would love to be entered! I've been following via GFC as "joaniipoo" and my email is:

    perfect_buggy [at] hotmail [dot] com

    My fave HTF is Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure. I haven't found it yet! It wasn't available here and I just refuse to pay the crazy amount for it on Ebay. Thanks!

  140. I am a follower
    GFC :shaimaa
    Facebook : Shaimaa Ali
    Gosh nail polish

    follower gfc crystaliciousss

    the opi yokohama collection looked so awesome...i would love to get one of those...oh and the opi gossip girl collection...mission impossible for me :)

  142. your email adress:
    •How you subscribe to "Also Known As...": Through GFC (aryn or totally polished)

    •Your favorite hard-to-find nail poish: any one of the OPI DS, China glaze kieledescop and OMG collections.

  143. ♥
    ♥ subscribed via GFC
    ♥ tough one. I'd say it's a tie between China Glaze On Your Knees, Emerald Sparkle and For Audrey. (But honestly, almost every polish is hard to find/get when you live in Austria, so...)

    Thank you for this amazing giveaway! :)

  144. Whoops! I meant to comment this earlier, hahaha.

    I'm a GFC follower as Kendal. My email is My favorite HTF nail polish is probably.. either OPI DS Glamor or any of the OMG line of China Glaze.

  145. I'm a follower through GFC (xenina)
    my favorite hard-to-find nail polishes are Gosh!

  146. my email:

    I follow your blog via Google friend connect & also subscribed by email!

    my favorite hard to find nail polish is china glaze crackle glaze!!

  147. rosaderosa89[at]
    GFC: Rosa De Rosa
    OPI Designer Series Amethyst
    Thank you for this giveaway!!!

  148. thanks for the giveaway

    follow gfc ginnn7

    facebook gina delaune

    china glaze omg


  149. Hello, thanks for such a cool giveaway! My email is Tavorna (at) hotmail (dot) com and I follow through GFC as Tavorna and also on Facebook. My fav ultimate HTF would have to be Clarins 230!!

  150. email address; ida-pie at hotmail dot com
    subscribe to "Also Known As..." Google Friend; Ida Pie
    favorite hard-to-find nail polish. I have 3 polishes from the China Glaze holographic collection. And OMG is not one of them. I'd love to have it. And the rest of the colletion

  151. Email address:
    Subscription to "Also Known As...": Google Friend Connect (Erika) and e-mail
    Favorite hard-to-find nail polish: OPI DS Original

  152. I follow as MissMarlboro on GFC and Valeria Garbo on Facebook!

    I'm really mad in the search of a Gosh holographic, but they aren't sold in Italy, and the shipping is awfully expensive buying from the US :(


  153. email: kathyteo at yahoo . com
    GFC: Kathy (kathyteo at yahoo . com)
    fave hard-to-find polish: CG OMG & Ozotic multichromes

  154. Thanks for hosting an international giveaway! So many bloggers have US only. Thanks for noticing there's other people in the world!

    my email address is sporklyn(at)hotmail(dot)com
    I subscribe through Google Friend Connect (Sporky)
    And my favourite hard-to-find nail polish would have to be the China Glaze OMG - I love my sparklies!

  155. Enter me
    GFC Dhinivh
    Hard to find OPI, CG

  156. I love the crackling polishes!
    I follow you via GFC as Sofie.
    My favorite hard to find polish is China Glaze Moody blue.

  157. e-mail : lusizova at
    Also Known As Lyudmila via GFC
    I like the OPI
    lusizova at

  158. Hello.

    I am a follower via GFC (Alexa1202) and my email is alexa12_02[at]yahoo[dot]com.

    I would love to enter your giveaway.
    Favorite hard-to-find nail polish: OPI DS Original



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