Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge "Fan Collection" Voting

Hey everyone! I'm unfortunately sick AGAIN, so I haven't been up to my blogging best :( Just wanted to pop in and remind you or tell you if you didn't know, that Ji Baek the brains behind Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polish is doing a "Fan Collection" with polishes thought up by three of her fans. The top 12 she narrowed it down to are on her website now so you can go check them out and vote for your favorite :)

My girl Sarah is one of the top contenders, she's in like 5th place right now but hopefully she'll get pushed up in the top 3 so we'll have a chance to see what kind of magic Ji performs for the idea. (btw, her color is inspired by Princess Leia's gold bikini, how BALLER is that?!)

Soooo go vote my pretties! Time to vote is limited and ends tonight!

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