Monday, February 28, 2011

China Glaze Crackle collection

China Glaze is the first US company to come out with different color crackle polish this year and everyone has been excited about their arrival in stores. I for one am not super crazy about this trend, but I have to admit the color combination possibilities are fun and exciting.

I used Black Mesh over Nicole Gold Bigger, because I really love black and gold together. Black Mesh crackles easily and fast, it probably cracks the most out of all the colors. I used different types of application to get different looks here.
Crushed Candy is one of my favorite colors, inspired Tiffany blue turquoise, and I am so glad China Glaze made it into a crackle. I imagine I will be playing with this baby a lot. I put this over Nicole I've Got Bieber Fever, a stunning plum. I went straight with a regular vertical application for this mani.
I thought Lightening Bolt would be my favorite crackle, but it seemed to crackle the least. I think I'll have to fiddle with it more. It is fun though. I'm wearing it here over Cult Nails Quench.
Broken Hearted is a super fun pink crackle. I am happy to own this and can't wait to use it over more great colors for some summery manicures this year. I'm wearing it here over Nicole My Lifesaver.
Cracked Concrete is a beautiful grey, very close to Recycle. I think this is a surprise color to turn into a crackle but I am glad they did. I think a brighter color would make a better combination with it though, haha. I used Nicole I'm a Belieber.
Fault Line is the most beautiful color in the crackle set, it reminds me of Coconut Kiss. It's the only crackle with shimmer. This is also my favorite mani so far that I've done with a crackle. I used a "braid" pattern of application and it makes super cool cracks, very random. I used it over Nicole's "Baby" Blue.
I think that the China Glaze's formula is superior to OPI's shatter polish, specifically Black Mesh. It is thinner and doesn't clump up as much as the shatter polish does, for me at least. However, the crackles seem to smell worse than the shatter. I am interested to see how the shatter polishes are in the new colors for OPI, coming soon.


These were provided for review.


  1. Your application of Fault Line is the best I've seen so far. Most other swatches seem to have very few cracks and for that reason I passed it over. I may have to reconsider that!

    I did find that these Crackles are a bit more finicky than say Black Shatter. I feel like Shatter is easily slapped on but I had to play around with Crackle a bit to get good results.

  2. If I were to get a crackle/shatter, it would be CG just cause of the colors. Lovely! I like the purple one especially!

  3. CG Crackles polishes looks so cooool ! I need to find them ;)
    I adore your black and gold combo, it's gorgeous

  4. I'm not a huge crackle fan, but I really like the crushed candy one :)
    nice pics btw!

  5. I think the blue and grey ones are amazing! :)

  6. I agree with OnceBitten your application of Fault Line is the best I've see too!

    I've enjoyed playing with the Crackle polishes. =)

  7. I tried to order these online but everything was sold out. I'll try again. Love your application and combinations of color. Very exciting look.

  8. Gorgeous! I love how you played with different patterns and stuff.

  9. I LOVE the pink crackle over the blue!!


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