Wednesday, June 3, 2009

cherry whisper notd

hello hello readers! it's a nice cool evening here in the west US and i'm feeling a nail post coming on. i did this mani last night and have gotten so many positive comments on it i HAVE to post pics. i wasn't going to, not because it's not amazing or anything, but because it's a NuSkin NC2 polish that is discontinued. and really REALLY what is the point of putting out the pictures of something beautiful and fun and lustworthy if someone can't go out and get their hands on a bottle of it after reading about it??? well, i guess nothing. except amusement. so here goes, nothing special except a beautiful frosty hot princess pink. the color is actually darker and more fuchsia than the picture makes it seem but eh what can you do. no sunlight. the application is so flawless with this brand, thin and bubble-free. the color is called cherry whisper, ta da!

eww the side of my cuticle looks so chomped and heinous, sorry sorry <3
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