Monday, June 1, 2009

nude & holo notd's

the nail look i put on my tips this evening was one of my favorite nudes in existence. OPI's Skinny Dippin' in Lake Michigan from the chicago collection. it's a pure nude with sparkles. LOVES it! i actually ran out of my first bottle and saw this in a discount bin at beauty express or trade secret or something like that and had to snatch it up. and i do believe it is the very first time i have EVER repurchased a nail polish color specifically. it's very work appropriate and just lovely. it's nothing super exciting but if you're looking for a nude with a little something extra, this is your guy!

the next look is gonna be for my tootsies and yes, you'll get to see all ten little piggies. i used china glaze 2Nite, which is a bright blue holographic sparkly thing. very pretty. i tried it on my tips when i first bought it a few weeks ago, but used a top coat and it severly diminished the holo effect so i ended up removing it. i just used a clear base coat this time on the toes and no top coat but had to use my trusty drying drops of course. please don't mind the toe separators :)


  1. Your tootsies look adorable. Love those holos. I've used a topcoat with them and they don't look as good. I like your nude shimmery color. Very pretty. I like nudes to really match your skin.

  2. wow! i love the blue holo! btw, i really like your site! there's a music that keeps me groovin' and your calendar is wicked! lol. love it. :)

  3. thanks ladies! i've enjoyed jumping on the blogging bandwangon :) it's been fun for me so thanks for stopping by <3

  4. Cute toes! That's a very nice nude color. And you found it in a discount bin?! Wow..that makes it even better!

  5. 2nite is sooo gorgeous :D


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