Monday, June 8, 2009

notds' jumpin jade and sexy silhouette

i hate sally hansen's insta-dry polish. not because of the formula, because that in itself is pretty great. SUPER fast drying, rich color, etc. because of the design of the bottle and the brush. stupid stupid stupid. clumsy and chunky and bleeeccch. the awesome result is only because of a tremendous amount of clean-up. i'm de-bottling this baby as soon as possible. this pretty dark green is called jumpin' jade.
*Edited: i no longer love this polish. i decanted (or whatever it's called) it and it got on my hands of course and it has stained them. STAINED. like won't come out. i've been bathing them in acetone. awesome. and my nail beds now hate me and are calling me filthly things under their breath. yep, i like to personify my body parts sometimes.
this next color is from china glaze, called sexy silhouette. it's a pretty glowy fuchsia pinky reddish color that i jazzed up with some nail stickers. i got excited and used two thick coats and thought it dried quickly, but it ended up bubbling later. boo. oh well, it is still pretty pretty.
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