Thursday, June 25, 2009

purple people eater

i love that song, purple people eater. it reminds me of singing to old 50's cassette tapes in my grandma's buick on road trips. so i chopped my nails off. the more you get to know me (or my blog) you will realize that i am easily bored. i have also changed the look of my layout again. yay! this notd is mac's violet fire and pure ice's new lilac frost on the ring finger. i just can't get enough of VF, dude i am sooooo in love with this guy. ga ga gorgeous!


  1. Love that Mac color also. Nails look hot.

  2. Uhhhh favorite colour ever!! Im so jalous! :P

  3. HeY hUn h0w aRe y0u?
    Ch3ck 0ut mY BLoG 2
    sEe YoUr aWarD!hOpE
    YoUr weLL TaKe cAre

  4. You didn't even mention that you got that sweet MAC polish from the raddest sister ever! LoVe YoU!

  5. Whoops, sorry! I spoke too soon as I hadn't read down through all your latest did in fact, very prominently give me props for all your bday haul. Love you!


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