Wednesday, June 10, 2009

notd nars

this is the cult-worthy color from Nars called orgasm, and it is SOOOO beautiful. i had to layer on a few coats cuz i still have some green sludge under my nails from the nasty jumpin' jade fiasco and i had VNL (visible nail line). but i la la love the formula and had no troubles with it! lovely.

*flash, so you can see the golden glow*
*lamp light to bring out the true peach*

when i see the pictures, they remind me of the notd i very first blogged about the peachy orange from charlotte russe, and really they are super close in color. but the latter does not have golden glow. and really, and what is an orgasm without the glow ;)


  1. I just got my order the other day. I haven't used it yet. Pretty color in the bottle and on the nail. I don't even have the blus! Shame on me.

  2. it totally is haha, my sister has had it and i never knew! all this time it's been under my nose and i just barely found out haha!

  3. I love it! Now if you'd get around to painting my nails, I'd love it even more!


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