June 17, 2009

notd dare

this notd is a blue sparkly called dare by petites that i got at walmart. i'm not terribly impressed unfortunately. i don't love the bumpy texture, but hey what can you do with glittery/shimmery polishes? it's a pretty darkish cornflower blue. and cheap at $1.29, so i might give the other smooth ones a try next time. hey why not?


  1. Ow thats a really pretty blue :D Is it glitter in it or is it just a metallic colour?

  2. That's such a nice blue! I've been looking for 1 like that over here but no luck so far!

  3. That's a really pretty blue shade, it sort of 'glows'! I have a few Petites and they always chip on me, but they're fun colors and not expensive, so that makes up for it.

  4. rijah, it's got like flat glitter chunks in it i think, the polish itself isn't really metallic. hope that helps :) it's really a cookie monster type of blue. pretty, glad you gals like it!

  5. I love the color. It really does seem to have a nice glow. Looks pretty on you. It does look bumpy from the pictures. Just use some Seche Vite and that should take care of it.


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