Friday, June 19, 2009

tutti frutti tonga

hello hello! i wanted to try out a new nail shape, so i filed my tips into a more oval shape :) i never thought i could pull this off before, but i figured hey if i don't end up liking it i can always go back to square right? why not, and it's not like super dramatic like pointy or anything ;) it's my b-day tomorrow so i decided to try something new and delicate and pretty and dainty to make me feel extra cutie haha. the shade is opi's tutti frutti tonga, a pearly pale pink that reminds me of seashells. i had to use 3 coats because it can be rather sheer but it's worth it. i didn't use a top coat, just opi's drip dry drops.


  1. First off let me wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Have a fun day tommorow. Are you going to do anything special? Have lots of cake and a good time. Your nails look pretty filed that way. I just filed mine the other day and took some of the squareness off. I'm also sorta liking the oval shape.

  2. thanks lucy!!! i'm diggen the oval so far :) we're doing breakfast out, shopping & a trip to the aquarium, my favorite thai dinner, and going to see "year one" tomorrow. should be tons of fun!

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