June 16, 2009

jamaica me crazy

so i thought i lost the ability to do a credible manicure after what i've dubbed "monday's multiple mani massacre" (he he) but turns out it was a fluke. i'm cured! phew! i picked out a color i haven't tried since i've bought it, and never on my tips, only toes. idk why, it's lovely. pure ice's jamaica me crazy is a frosted fuschia, and in certain lights gives of a duochrome-y looking sheen. haha i'm not much with all the terminology yet so yeah whatev.until next time, live long and prosper!


  1. Pretty bright pink. I'm wearing the same sort of shade. Must have been a pinky day.

  2. Fushcias are my all time fave! This looks fabulous on you! Nice swatches!

    I have a nail blog too: lacquerlaine.blogspot.com

  3. thanks laine! i just stared following your blog :)

  4. This is very pretty on you. I need to get some polishes from this brand. I really like some of their colors.

  5. I love this one! Very pretty!

  6. i know olivia, pure ice is seriously under-rated. their formula is problem free!!


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