June 29, 2009

lincoln park after dark

*yawn* i am soooooo tired. but had to post this before i passed out haha. the great this about short nails is wearing dark vampy colors w/o feeling like elvira mistress of the dark. the bad thing, at least for me, is getting excess polish all over your fingers at the top. this is usually not a problem with longer nails. oh well. i got opi's lincoln park after dark finally, part of their chicago collection, which is a super dark sort of jelly-like (but not) purple almost black. very easy to apply, two coater. i feel very un-summery with these edgey bad boys haha.


  1. A classic color, I love this one! I'm kind of liking my shorter nails right now too, although certain colors make me wish they were longer. Your application is so neat, looks great!

  2. I can never polish my nails neat. Especially the dark vampy shades. They are like a magnet to get all over the sides of my nails. I think your right that it's easier to paint longer nails. I don't have that problem! You've done a neat job. I love this color and looks so pretty on you. I haven't worn any summery colors yet.

  3. I have this one and I love it on shorter nails! Very pretty on you, as well! :)

  4. Ooh, that's it. I'm going back for this. I had a toss up the other day at the store, between this and Lincoln Park After Midnight, and I got After Midnight - now I know, I need both of them. :P Looks awesome on your short nails!

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  6. g0rjuz colour and omg i love the song

    when i grow up i wanna be famous hehehhe w0ot great mix


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