Tuesday, June 16, 2009

when life gives you lemons...

you paint that sh*t gold.

in this case, i painted my nails gold. to be more specific, i removed the lemon-y yellow color (which i did love) the nasty salon ladies painted my nails and replaced it with a light nudish gold lacquer. i used cosmo-not tonight honey! from opi's russian collection. this is one of my favorite work appropriate shades; i even used to wear it when i was a dental assistant and we were FORBIDDEN to wear color on our nails or lips or anywhere, hee hee!
it does have a few shortcomings, as some frosty shades do, at least for me. visible brush strokes and a few bumpy bumps, but that could just be user error :D

the next notd i'm showing you is one of the many shades i painted on last night as i had my OCD freak out session. i did a few others, but they turned out ugly-uggo on my camera so i refuse to post them. maybe that's why i ended up scrubbing them off so hastily 5 minutes after i was finished with applying them. *sigh*

this is a pastel green from Charlotte Russe (i swear it looked more blue in the store when i bought it) that looks almost minty, kind of reminicient of MAC peppermint patti? no name really that i could see. it was a friggen pain and a half to apply, runny and streaky and i had to apply about a billion coats. oh and it did not wear well, but that could be due to my weird episode aswel, so don't read into that part ;) it is pretty tho.
please excuse the craptastic application, as i said, i was fed up by that time.
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