Thursday, June 11, 2009

wishlist june 09

my big 23rd birthday is just around the corner on the 20th and i'm not super excited about getting older and not having anything significantly change in my life haha. but oh well, blah blah wah wah. i guess everyone feels like that huh. my sister-in-law mary (christmas is her last name believe it or not) is doing the whole cake making thing and she said she's going to try to make me an Edward Cullen cake. HAHAHA! i told her he has to sparkle. we will see how this turns out. i may have to send it in to cake wrecks haha. anyway, here is my current wishlist. not necessarily for my birthday presents, but just stuff i've been lusting after. mostly after i started reading blogs and such :( haha.
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clockwise: daisy by marc jacobs, iskin ipod case, nail tek treatment/mattifier, shiseido mango passion lip gloss, curl cloths, m.a.c. style warrior polishes, essie neons, rainbow hemp flip flops
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