Tuesday, August 4, 2009

craze shield

i am such a junkie. a nail polish junkie, just to clarify ;) i was madly searching for the wet n' wild craze collection around my local stores and low and behold the third walgreens i checked had them. *ahem* still in the crates waiting to be unpacked, which i made the sales girl dig rifle through to get my treasures. i know, i'm sick.

the first guy i chose to show you is shield, a lovely shimmery silvery pewterish color with flecks of copper . it's really hard to describe. but i like the name, cuz it does remind me of a shield of armor or something. i'm so in like with it! i don't especially care for the tiny brushes but hey what can y0u do with the cutie tiny bottles these guys come in? and they're not too tiny (not sephora glitter polish tiny thank god) but smaller than normal at .34 oz. good formula, i can't wait to paint the rest of the colors i got on my tips :) laters!

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