August 16, 2009

zoya zara & my special package

awww my dear zoyas how i love them so! i think they absolutely have the best color range of any polish. the formula is pretty good, a little thicker on this first one i'm showing, zara. the lovely lavender/purple is ga ga gorgeous and it has tons of golden shimmer in it and flashes bronzey and sandy in certain lights. i've heard people describe this as a slight jelly but the jury is still out for me. it was the harder out of the three zoyas i have to apply but i just love it soooo!also to shake it up a bit, i added some nail art today (second day) inspired by the diva's polish's post who posted because she was inspired by a tutorial she saw on youtube. (check out her blog it's great!) i obviously didn't do the tips but put the stripes and dots on using white kiss brush on nail art paint. i also used color club's crystal glitter art club nail art brush to do stripes in between the white stripes. and i even accomplished the look on my right hand, which i couldn't believe. it's definitely not my usual look, but it was fun to do and that is all that matters yes?also waiting for me on saturday was a package from mary of body and soul. i won one of the two packs she was giving away in july YAY!! and i was super super super impressed with the gift. can't wait to try these out! :)hope everyone had a great weekend :) i had fun hanging out with my sister and nephew who came into town for a mini-break. byeeee♥


  1. Looks so great! Great color and also cute with the nailart on. Gives it that little extra twist ;D And congratz on your win :)

  2. Hey! Love the Zoya polish Zara - it's beautiful and love the art! That's fantastic! Thank you for the link and I am commenting to The Gossip's Heavy Cross - my favourite song at the moment. Awesome!! xx

  3. Oh, congratulations on your gifts too! Well done :) xx

  4. Zara is just beautiful and it looks lovely on you. Glad you had a nice weekend, now let's see those Massini's on you :)

  5. Those nails look so pretty!!!

  6. That zoya is a great color, I like the nail art you put on it too. Those polishes from Mary look beautiful can't wait to see them!

  7. Hi Kellie! That Zara is gorgeous with all that gold shimmer. Love it on you. I'm getting ideas from everyone about what colors to add to my list. Yes, let's see those Massini polishes. Congrats on winning. That was a fantastic giveaway that Mary had.

  8. I'm glad you like Zara, it's gorgeous on you!!! I especially like the nail art. You did a very nice job with it and it looks good and as long as it was fun, that's great. I always think it looks good on me but am too worried to mess up a good manicure and have to start over.
    Where did you get the color club silver glitter?
    I'm so jealous of your gift, those polishes look gorgeous!

  9. thanks for all the great compliments ladies! i was super nervous to do the nail art too, worried i would ruin it haha, for once it turned out ok :)

    danica i got the color club glitter at sally beauty <3

    i can't wait to try the massini's everyone!


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