Sunday, August 16, 2009

zoya zara & my special package

awww my dear zoyas how i love them so! i think they absolutely have the best color range of any polish. the formula is pretty good, a little thicker on this first one i'm showing, zara. the lovely lavender/purple is ga ga gorgeous and it has tons of golden shimmer in it and flashes bronzey and sandy in certain lights. i've heard people describe this as a slight jelly but the jury is still out for me. it was the harder out of the three zoyas i have to apply but i just love it soooo!also to shake it up a bit, i added some nail art today (second day) inspired by the diva's polish's post who posted because she was inspired by a tutorial she saw on youtube. (check out her blog it's great!) i obviously didn't do the tips but put the stripes and dots on using white kiss brush on nail art paint. i also used color club's crystal glitter art club nail art brush to do stripes in between the white stripes. and i even accomplished the look on my right hand, which i couldn't believe. it's definitely not my usual look, but it was fun to do and that is all that matters yes?also waiting for me on saturday was a package from mary of body and soul. i won one of the two packs she was giving away in july YAY!! and i was super super super impressed with the gift. can't wait to try these out! :)hope everyone had a great weekend :) i had fun hanging out with my sister and nephew who came into town for a mini-break. byeeee♥
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