Sunday, August 9, 2009

pedicures galore

i finally got a foot bath!! yayay now i can feel pampered and will never have to pay for a pedicure again cuz i can do it myself at home! i got this baby at Ulta cuz it was on sale for $9.99, and i haven't found one for under $25 so i snatched it right up. BONUS it also came with a battery powered manicure set like pros use so it was pretty much a dream come true. it's super fun and i had a great time using it. i got some foot soak at sally beauty for like $3 and i was in bubbly heaven! the manicure set was way easy and fun to use too. i used to be a dental assistant and it is EXACTLY like the instruments we used to use to polish teeth and make/polish temporary crowns and bridges so it was a cinch :D. wayyyyy fun times!

this is a pedicure i did last week, sinful colors cha cha red. super cutie reddish pink. i loved it and it was the first sinful colors polishes i had purchased. easy to find at any walgreens and cheap, $2!second pedi picture, this is one i did yesterday after using the battery powered set on my tootsies, to buff and polish and stuff :) they are much shorter and buffed to remove the ridges. the color is essie sexy divide with nyx purple avenue flaky polish over. it is supposed to look like one of nfu-oh's polishes. oooh i liiike this!

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