Monday, August 24, 2009

shivon & kalista

so my camera is being whack-tastic and half my pictures have turned out blurry lately. these are the only ones of these notd's that survived :(

zoya shivon (on my CHOPPED nails) is sooo gorgeous i kept shoving my fingers in people's faces all day long to get them to stare at the beauty haha. i don't even know how to describe it! kind of a berry color with sun-tinged purple? haha i suck at this. anyway tons of goldish purple shimmer running through it so it looks almost totally gold at certain angles. LOVED IT! this was my first encounter with zoyas (as with zara in a previous post) and they take some getting used to for sure. shivon was the easiest to apply out of the three i got.zoya kalista was SOOO gorgeous, a dark rich shimmery brown red (which looks way more red in this picture (sorry, dumb camera!!) that flowed perfectly...on my left hand only. my right hand was a big fat fail for some reason. i redid that hand like 5 times. idk why. but these pics are of my beautifully polished left hand haha, so enjoy. the zoya formula is a little thick but their color range is so pretty pretty i might just forgive them.

hope everyone went and had some fun this weekend. i slept, cleaned, did laundry and went to a few movies. um, i have to do this sorry. i have to plug quentin tarantino's new movie "inglorious basterds". it's just amazing. i don't think many people are into that sort of thing, but if you are a tarantino fan you will love it. i was aMAAAAZED at how good it was. god i wish it was a true story! it was truly written well, and the actors all did their roles ultimate justice. even the "no-name" actors who had smaller parts did so well. i just can't say enough about it. yes, there is gore and death and violence and sadness and misery but there is also humor and vengeance and victory and pride. anyway, au revoir my dear lovelies!

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