Thursday, August 20, 2009

fun photo vote

hellooo dear blog readers! so i've mentioned a few times before that my lovely older sister Clarrisa works for a cosmetics/nutrition/skincare multilevel marketing company called NuSkin that is based here in Utah but is spread throughout the world (they're big in asia and europe). i love their nail polish, but sadly it is discontinued, but i do swatches from time to time. anyway, they have a product out right now called the Galvanic Spa used with ageLOC gels that does a lot of fancy science stuff to your face that makes your skin amazing and i guess does this thing to stop free radicals and junk from making you age...i think haha. anyway it's dope and i love it. it's pretty much amazing and i do it like once a week at least, you can also use different gels for your body for slimming and toning and even on your scalp for hair growth.
welll....the POINT is that my sister's team is doing an ageLOC Mother/Daughter or Sisters "Best Shot" photo contest on the nuskin website and you can go there and take a look at pictures of people who use the system and vote for the best pair. it's pretty cool and fun to see the mothers & daughters who look like they could be sisters :) i hope with the help of ageLOC gels i'll be lookin that good when i get old!! so if you'd like to, visit the link HERE and vote for the best one. i know me & my sister would appreciate it! (p.s. we're not on there anywhere haha, so don't worry about looking for me!)


  1. I'll check it out! I love pictures like that and who doesn't want good skin care? :) Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Hello,

    I come here everyday to see the news that you post, and i think that your blog is fantastic....i just love it...!!! So, i have a stamp for you in my's just a way to tell you how much i like your blog....!!! I hope you will enjoy it....Kisses!!!!



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