Sunday, August 23, 2009

picture tag & christmas exchange

this tag is compliments of miss mookie j

The Rules:
Open your 1st photo folder
Scroll down to the 10th photo
Post that photo and story on your blog
Tag 5 or more people
ok so this pic is from 2007 when me and some friends from dental assisting school went to Lagoon theme park in salt lake city, ut for the halloween frightmares nights during october. it was super fun and cold and tons of spooky-tastic-ness. all the great rides are open plus there's mazes and super scary haunted houses and trick or treating for the kiddos and hypnotism shows and dance troupes and lots of other stuff. this is us getting our picture taken with a giant werewolf guy, but the dummy holding the camera cut off his head haha. i'm the hot one in the middle btw ;) haha! it was a lot of fun.
i tag:
danica -
trinca-espinhas -
ivana -
rachel -
diana -

also, to mention (as miss mookie j did) Nicole over at MagicXMaid has set up a christmas nail polish exchange woot woot :) sign up sign up sign up if you haven't already mmmkay :D


  1. Hahah what a nice pic :D

  2. Ahhhh!!! You all look so scared! LOL :)
    That's funny that we both had a Halloween pic for the tag!

  3. Hi Kellie! Shame the head was cut off. Cute picture.

  4. Heehee! That's a fun picture. I ended up adding my photo at Helen and Sheenie's Nice things in comments. My photo shows me with short nails! I was taking boxing classes at the time. My nails were the shortest they had ever been. I laughed when that photo came up!

  5. oh good diana, i just saw your pic :) i never know who to tag for these things haha! sorry to double-tag you haha


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