Thursday, August 13, 2009

my free zoyas are here!!

oh JOY today has been just about awful-awful as can be, but my entire life perked up when i got home and saw that my free zoya polishes had arrived!! i don't have time tonight to swatch them but i included a bottle shot to show you their hottness. i dunno why i'm so excited about these guys, haha maybe because idk when i would've ever ordered them on my own (i don't know anywhere to buy them in a store). so it was a really cool thing for zoya to do for everyone to try out their polish line giving us that giveaway code from twitter.
kalista, shivon, zara

oh p.s. i broke a nail today rearranging/cleaning my room. so i'll be doing some chopping tonight. another reason that i will not be able to swatch my new babies tonight. grrrr!!!!!!!


  1. So sorry about your poor nail. I got mine today also. Plus a few extras! I got Anaka, Felicity, Isla, Pasha and Penny. I have Shivon. Zara really looks pretty and also Kalista. Looking forward to you swatching them with your new chopped nails.

  2. Oh im so jealous of you :/ Damn those offers that only work in US :( Im getting my monthly nail mail in about 1 month so wont get new Zoyas untill there :/ *cry*

  3. Oh no, not a broken nail. I hear your pain. I've been dreaming about mine breaking of late, which usually is a sign I need to file or cut them.

    The polishes you've chosen are simply stunning. Shivon and Kalista look gorgeous. I will look forwrd to seeing swatches of your new girls! :)


  4. Broken nails suck! I can't wait for swatches though!

  5. Best wishes to your poor nail :/ You picked out some great shades from Zoya!

  6. I like your new blog header! Pretty!

    I love all three polishes you chose. I have each of them. I haven't worn Kalista yet though!

    I am taking a moment of silence for your broken nail.

  7. thank you thank you ladies, for communing with me about my tragedy *tear

    with your support i will get through this trial! *tear

  8. I had Kalista in my basket and then changed my mind... grrr!!! It's great! Maybe I'll just get it on its own sometime. You picked great colors, can't wait to see them all!

  9. Awww, I'm so sorry you broke a nail! I think I may have to file mine down again very soon, because I have two on the same hand that have peeled. *scowls* So I feel your pain!
    However, I can't wait to see your swatches - Shivon especially, as I almost chose that one!

  10. Why don't i live in the u.s.?


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