Thursday, August 13, 2009

my free zoyas are here!!

oh JOY today has been just about awful-awful as can be, but my entire life perked up when i got home and saw that my free zoya polishes had arrived!! i don't have time tonight to swatch them but i included a bottle shot to show you their hottness. i dunno why i'm so excited about these guys, haha maybe because idk when i would've ever ordered them on my own (i don't know anywhere to buy them in a store). so it was a really cool thing for zoya to do for everyone to try out their polish line giving us that giveaway code from twitter.
kalista, shivon, zara

oh p.s. i broke a nail today rearranging/cleaning my room. so i'll be doing some chopping tonight. another reason that i will not be able to swatch my new babies tonight. grrrr!!!!!!!
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