August 18, 2009

daddy's girl & lunch at the delhi

this sinful colors polish looked delightful in the bottle and i wasn't disappointed when i swatched it on my (still long at the time) tips. a borrowed polish from my dear bestie mickelle, daddy's girl is a lovely purple (i promise it is purple, even tho my camera turns it kinda blue) jellyish shade with dark purple crystaly glitter. it wasn't hard to get off at all, which is surprising. this is two coats, no topcoat. i like it but i'm not sure if i would wear it all that often :)
the second polish i borrowed from miss m to swatch was lunch at the delhi from opi's india collection. i love me the orangey coral's and this was sooo creamy and sweet :) two coats, could've gotten away with one i swear! ♥ please excuse my wonky ring finger nail, as this is my right hand and it's the finger i lean my pencil against when i write ;)hope you are all having a terrific tuesday!


  1. I like the blue polish. Now the OPI is just gorgeous on you. I have one from this collection. I love corals also. They look nice on everyone.

  2. I've liked pretty much all the polishes I've seen from the India collection - this is no exception, it's a super cute coral!
    Hrm, I can't remember if I've swatched Daddy's Girl or not, I know I have it, but I can't remember if it came out that light, or if I even used it yet. That's bad, right? LOL! It is pretty, though.

  3. nicole, daddy's girl might be a bit darker with more coats but i just did a standard two. i think it came out brighter & slightly more opaque on steph's closet when she swatched it <3

    lucy, thanks lady! i loved the opi as well, i agree corals look good on everyone ;)

  4. That OPI is gorgeous! What an intriguing color!

  5. Both look great on you. Nice colors.

  6. I love Daddy's Girl - but looking at yours it seems like mine is much darker than yours.....I will have to take a look tonight at mine. I just love the purple color of it.

  7. I am quite taken with Lunch at the Delhi, looks beautiful. May have to get this one when summer rolls around here!

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