Thursday, August 6, 2009

fresh fuchsia

did you know victoria's secret had nail polishes? i didn't, but apparently they do! my lovely sister picked me up a mini bottle they had at their cash register the other day and i finally got around to wearing it :) it's a jelly which i adore. fresh fuchsia was a little hard to work with at first, i had to work with thin coats and it did bubble (but with seche on top you couldn't really notice) but once i got the hang of it it ended up with a really pretty result. i don't have anything like this so i am happy! two coats and don't mind my weird hands, that's just left over acetone residue, i think i had a dark polish on before or glitter or something so i had to scrub to get it off and i didn't notice i had leftover residue until the pictures were blown up (awkward...hahaha).

thanks for reading/looking!
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