Wednesday, August 19, 2009

sally girl periwinkle

i always thought of the color periwinkle as more purple, not so blue, but this little sally girl periwinkle polish is definitely more blue. it is a pastel creme and very opaque, almost so in one coat. this is three, just because i kept getting streaks due to the goopy thickness. unfortunate but what do you expect for a cheapy 99 cent guy? this sort of reminds me of china glaze moody blue but more on the white creamy side. i was looking for a shade like this so i'm ok with it for sure until i can get my hands on moody blue or bikini bottom.not to try and sneak one past all you smartys, but this mani was also before i encountered the big break of august '09 (a.k.a. my dramatic nail shortening). i'm making a big deal about it because it's the first time one of my nails has broken since i got really into the polish thing back around may. excuse my sensationalism please ;)
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