Tuesday, August 18, 2009

sit under the apple tree

this ultra light shimmery limey/appley green is a part of opi's retro fun in the sun collection. sit under the apple tree was my pick for a light green that day while i was out shopping; i chose this out of hey! get in lime! and gargantuan green grape. i see now that they are obviously nothing alike DUH haha and i still want the other ones haha or at least one of them. which do you guys like for light greens?

i do like this a lot, it complimented my tan haha. it really shines the best out in the sun tho. indoors it looks a little lacking. there are bald patches/streaks if you look close too, blah blah haha but i do like it alright. and yes this was also a notd before i chopped them down :)
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