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Monday, August 3, 2009

worth the risque of fairy dust

i was inspired by dizzy nails' awesome holo+glitter combination and wanted to try something out that was similar yet different. i fell in love with china glaze's fairy dust so i went out and bought my own the other day and finally got color club's worth the risque, which i thought i was never going to find, but that's been staring me in the face at a local beauty supply store this whole time haha. i used two coats of WTR which is a gorgeous silver holographic polish and then one of FD, tiny holographic glitter in clear polish, and then used poshe as my top coat because that's all i had with me at the time (for the sun pictures). i used seche vite when i got home for the flash pictures. and seriously the pictures do not do these babies justice.

i have to tell you ladies, that i think poshe is an ok topcoat. i had my doubts in the beginning, but i really do think it's ok. but just that. i have decided for thick and thin (literally) that seche vite is my man forever and for always. i have this thing that i run my nails along my lips, idk why or whatever, but i do, and seche is the only thing that makes them smooth. every other topcoat i've ever used makes them bumpy or sticky or feel like paper or whatever. but seche vite makes the surface feel like even glass. and if they feel like that on my lips then they look even better right? right. or something. anyway that is my logic haha. so i have a bottle of poshe that'll i probably only be using on my toes from now on haha. now back from that tangent, on to the pictures!!
*weak sun, just worth the risque*
*weak sun, both*

i freaking love this combo. i feel as if i have diamonds on my fingertips. WOOOT! in regular indoor light, it does leave a little to be desired, but as soon as a bit of brightness hits my tips, rainbows bounce in all directions :D ga ga gorgeous if i do say so myself!

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