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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

CosmoProf North America in Las Vegas: Part 1

I am beat. Literally and figuratively. My feet, shins, and shoulders are dying from all the walking and hauling around Las Vegas, more specifically, the CosmoProf North America convention. I went with my bestie, my sister Clarrisa, and we stayed at the Mandalay Bay where the conference was being held. It was overwhelming to say the least, there are a bazillion exhibitors of beauty brands, lots of products to look at, and about a billion and a half people. Not to mention, miles and miles of ground to cover in a short time. I arrived on Sunday morning, and while my sister kindly checked us in, I took off straight for the convention center.

I met up with Jen from The Polishaholic first thing and we went off to explore. Both her and I were a little confused as to what we should do at first, like what questions we were "supposed" to ask the exhibitors and brand reps. It turned out, I mostly got enjoyment out of discovering new brands and products and looking at the new collections from some of my favorite nail polish brands and meeting the people behind them.

I will be posting more pictures soon, along with a more in depth post on the conference and who I met, what I learned, yadda yadda, but here is a bunch of pretty photos for now. (Picture heavy, so they're after the jump.)

I left these all HUGE, so click on them to see better detail :)

The Painted Nail collection from Nubar
Eye Candy glitters from China Glaze (winter)
Let It Snow by China Glaze (holiday)
Haunting by China Glaze (Halloween)
ElectroPop by China Glaze (Spring)
Metro by China Glaze (fall)
Wilde by SpaRitual (fall)
In the Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness by SpaRitual
Twinkle by SpaRitual (holiday)
Orly Holiday Soiree (holiday)
Orly Birds of a Feather (fall)
Orly Mineral FX (fall/winter)
printed nails by the NailStar machine
SpongeBob printed nail by NailStar
crazy hair design
No-Miss Nail Lacquers
stilts girl
blowdryer demonstration
Dare to Wear crackles
Dare to Wear lacquers
Color Club Boho Chic (fall)
Color Club Foiled
Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe
Color Club Back Stage Pass
Color Club scented topcoats
Color Club All About French
Color Club Pride collection
Essie Clutch collection (fall)
Essie Luxe Effects top coats (holiday)
Essie Dive Bar (New Year's)
Essie Cocktail Bling (winter)
Essie Raise Awareness for Breast Cancer
I hope you enjoy these photos, I had great fun taking them. Love you all, will write more soon. After I finish recovering.

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