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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Guest Post by Ommorphia Beauty Bar: Butter London - Branwen's Feather

Please enjoy this guest post by my friend Eugenia from Ommorphia Beauty Bar!

When I first saw a lineup of Butter London lacquers, I was immediately drawn to 'Branwen's Feather' - as much for the colour, as for the sounded so gothically romantic to me! This is one of those intricate hues that is hard to pin down; nestled deep within its purple/prune base, is tons of micro glitter in shades of silver, red and even flecks of blue peeking out here and there. Although it can appear like a blackened prune in shaded light, the myriad reflections of its internal glimmer always keep it from looking too deep. Once you take this beauty out in sunlight, however, it's when you begin to appreciate all the varying nuances of colour it has to offer but it is a photo taken with flash, that truly shows off its entire brilliance. One of the more sophisticated varnishes in this colour family that I've tried in a long while, 'Branwen's Feather' is intense without going over the top, vampy without looking too flashy, and so very sophisticated on the nails. All swatches are with Seche Base Ridge Filling Base Coat, three very thin coats of lacquer, and a-england's 'The Shield' top coat.

The formula was in line with others in the Butter London range: excellent. Flowing easily but neither too thick nor thin, the first coat gave an almost sheer coverage, which quickly became opaque by the second coat, although I added a third coat here for photo purposes. Application was very smooth, with Butter London's medium-thin brush that has amazing flexibility, fanning out across the nail with great precision, with the result looking brush-stroke free, and a self-levelling finish. Although it wasn't as naturally glossy as some of this brand's creme shades (I suspect due to the addition of the micro glitter), it still had enough shine that was only intensified by the addition of top coat. Part of Butter London's core collection and thus not a limited edition colour, 'Branwen's Feather' is a must-have for anyone who loves mysteriously deep well as uniquely romantic-sounding names!

When Kellie first approached me to write a guest post for her amazing blog, I was not only surprised, but so thrilled that I jumped up and down, squealing like a little girl! This was not only so much fun to do, but such an incredible honour...thank you, Kellie! I have been a long time fan of all the work you produce, and love being invited into your corner of the world! Tons of hugs!!

I love this gal! She's in Canada (I LOVE CANADA) and gets some of the pretties that are released sooner than we do in America, so I'm always over at her blog drooling at all the new stuff I don't have yet haha! Thanks so much for contributing Eugenia!

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