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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Guest Post by Them Pretty Colors: Risqué - Ouro Nude

Please enjoy this guest post from my fabulous friend Sarah from Them Pretty Colors in Brazil!

Hi Girls!

When Kellie invited me to write a guest post, I kept thinking "hmm...which polish would her readers like to see?". And decided to show you a Brazilian polish :) Risque is one of the most popular brands here, together with Colorama and Impala. The polish 'scene' here has always been big, women get manicures weekly. But the shades have been somewhat conventional... However, with the increase of nail polish bloggers and the popularity of international polishes, Risque has decided to step up their game. The polish I will show you today is part of a LE series called Fast Fashion. These polishes are released with no previous notice and are supposed to be the latest trend in polish world. The first one was a matte black, released a few weeks after Illamasqua's Scorn. And now, they released Ouro Nude.
Ouro Nude
Lighting: Artificial
Lighting: Flash


Grade: A
  • Formula: Good
  • Coverage: 2 coats (1 if you apply neatly)
  • Drying Time: Good
  • Finish: Glossy

Ouro Nude is a beautiful neutral beige shade with golden flecks. The formula is quite nice, actually all the 'Fast Fashion's ' have very nice 1 coater formulas, dry fast and have pretty finishes!

I hope you girls liked this polish!

I just love the Brazilian polishes Sarah sends over for me to try sometimes and this one looks like it's no exception, GORGEOUS! Just like Sarah B. herself! Thanks doll :)

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