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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Guest Post by Life and Polish: Orly - Blue Collar w/ konad

Please enjoy this guest post by my friend Liz over at Life and Polish!
Hi lovelies! EEEK I am so thrilled to be doing a guest post on Kellie's amazing blog, as everyone else has said. Kellie is a huge nail crush of mine, she always makes me want to chop my nails off and round them, even though I have done it and know it looks HORRIBLE on my hands, I want to do it all the time. Her nails are so cute!

Anyways, fangirling aside, I love Kellie and when I was thinking of what to do on my nails I decided to peruse some of my stamping plates. I just got my new bundle monster plates in the mail, and then I saw it! BM 225 has a reverse image stamp I have been dying to try! I love how the stamp looks like a Hawaiian shirt or something, and since I'm still in a summer-y mood I knew this image was it!

I used Orly Blue Collar as the base and then stamped with konad special polish in white, and seriously you guys, I LOVE this stamp. Or as Kellie would say la-la-la-loveeeeee it!

It's a simple stamp but I love the look it gives! Anyways, once again thank you so much for the opportunity Kellie! This was fun! Thanks for reading loves! :)

Aw this is such a pretty and sweet konad, I really do la la love it! I wish I could do konad, but i'm too messy and impatient and it never works out for me haha. Thanks for the post Liz darling!

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