August 23, 2011

Guest Post by Crystaliciousss: Essie - Power Clutch

Please enjoy this guest post by my friend Crystal from Crystaliciousss!
Power Clutch from Essie's Fall collection is the star of this classy and sophisticated collection. No loud shades here, just very chic and elegant hues for an upscale manicure. Power Clutch is a "greyn" creme wich has lovely formula and is opaque in 2 coats. This is what you get when you mix a smokey dark grey with a cool dark green.

It is much darker than Essie's Sew Psyched, I wanted to do a comparison on my nails but the nail on my ringfinger broke at the skin (auch...) so I guess I will have to wait untill all grows back into a better length :( So for now I did a bottle comparison, hope that helps.

Have a lovely day and thanks Kellie for having me on your blog :)

I really like Miss Crystal, she's so nice and good-natured! I read equal amounts of foreign blogs and American blogs about polish so I can get the scoop from all over the world. It's the only way ;)


  1. Awesome color!, I am so glad I seen it on your blog, because in the bottle I am a little unsure of how it will look. Now I have to add to my wish list! Nice photos!

  2. Looks really pretty on you. I won't be buying this. Not green at all to me. I love the green polishes.

  3. I am loving the entire fall Essie collection and at first I was meh on the bottle shots and some of the swatches even I saw. You really need to get these in your hands to fully appreciate the uniqueness of the shades. I thought the light pink shade "Lady Like" would be way too light, would have many dups - I did not get it..then finally broke down and bought it on a it - comes up much darker on the nail. There is not a miss in this entire collection and this is from a lady who has collected polish since the 60's! I of course have purged a ton of it & now the oldest in my stash is only from late 80's - wish I had not dumped some that I did in a ruthless clean out moment! But loving these Essies - thanks for bringing this one to us and being a guest blogger.

  4. @Lucy It just does not photo on the nail or in the bottle at all..but when you see it in person it most certainly is green.

  5. @NY*NAIL*DIVA A lot in this group you just need to swatch on yourself (or a piece of paper if you are in the store) to really get a good idea of what these shades look like. They don't photo on the web well and looking at the 2 darker ones in the bottle don't give you the look that they are. The big surprise to me in this fall set were the 3 lighter shades that I did not think I would purchase - they are all amazing and different than what is out there. It was a big surprise to me - 2 taupes and a light pink? They are all 3 great, but ones I was passing on I thought for sure. Then I bought them home knowing I could take them back if I wanted to. So glad I bought the entire collection. Plus I found them in stock at a chain drugstore while I was out of town that is a chain I have were I live - but mine never gets the new collections.

  6. Crys, you rock girl!!!! And I hope your nail recovers soon, give it alot of TLC. xxxx Inge

  7. I am loving this color. I am wearing it right now. I am buying two additional back uo bottles.

  8. Pretty colour! Hope your nails grown back - it hurts I know! :(


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