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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Guest Post by The Swatchaholic: 209 over Out Of My Mind Medallion

Please enjoy this guest post by my nail crush Jeanette from The Swatchaholic!
Hi everyone! :)

OMG I am excited to write a guest post for one of my biggest nail crushes Kellie. ♥ I am so honored to be here on Also Known As...!
This is my first ever guest post and I wanted to show you guys something special, something very dear to my nail polish heart so I picked a layering which I tried the other day.

Layerings are so much fun because you have the possibility to create a manicure with many textures combined to create a sparkly and glittery depth you probably can't with one nail polish.

Another huge benefit for me - when I am stressed and don't have much time - is that with adding a layer of another nail polish over a current manicure I can spice it up and create a new look without having to remove a manicure first.
Of course it doesn't hurt that with using more than one nail polish for a manicure you can reduce your pile of untrieds faster too! :D

For this layering I used two just recently purchased nail polishes and a nail polish which was already an untried for a few months.

The base nail polish for this layering was the soon to be discontinued Essence 52 Out Of My Mind, a gorgeous light-medium blue/teal duochrome with a slight pink shimmer. Because the base color gets covered up a lot any light to medium blue would do, though. :)

The untried I finally wanted to wear and the nail polish which I layered on top of Out Of My Mind was one coat of China Glaze Medallion, a fun gold and holo glitter in a clear base.

The star of this layering is a nail polish which I wish would be available everywhere: BeYu 209. BeYu is a German brand which exclusively is sold at Douglas perfumeries in a few selected countries in Europe. What makes 209 so special is that it is unicorn pee! Not THE famous unicorn pee Clarins 230 but very alike.
The base of 209 is much more opaque than the base of 230 so whichever base you are using won't really be visible once you put 209 on top. Because I only used one coat of BeYu 209 it's unicorn pee qualities didn't show up a lot. With two coats you can see more of the green multichrome sparkles but in general the multichrome shimmer of 209 is not as strong as in Clarins 230.
Shimmery nail polishes with a not too opaque jelly base are great nail polishes to use on top of layerings!

I really hope you enjoyed this layering and maybe I could inspire you to spice up old manicures with a coat of another nail polish. Layering is so much fun! :)

Thanks for looking and have a great week! ♥ :)

ZOMG I am dizzy from the magic of this mani! I love love love this layering combo and I love Jeanette! Thanks so much for sharing this with my readers! Now send me a bottle of 209 stat!

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