Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Illamasqua Theatre of the Nameless: Sneak Peek!

Illamasqua will announce their highly-anticipated AW11 Theatre of the Nameless collection this Friday, September 2 and in the mean time, they have a sneak preview for you, and a fantastic competition to celebrate!

Be the first to win the new Nail Varnish shades of the collection with a unique, rubberised finish by entering at www.illamasqua.com/kinkynails 
Taking a lead from the colour-coded specialities of the Wittenberg Platz’s domineering Boot Girls, Illamasqua introduces confident new shades, in a brazen display of utter indulgence. The Theatre of the Nameless proudly parades a kinky new waxy “rubber-look” finish to Illamasqua’s hardwearing, chip-resistant
 Nail Varnish …

Taint – Stone Brown, Kink – Bottle Green, Vice – Deep Cerise, Faux Pas – Blue Violet
To enter, go to Illamasqua.com/kinkynails – the internationally open competition opens on Friday 26th August and runs until Sunday 4th September – all T&Cs on the website.
Omg, I am so looking forward to these! The Illamasqua "rubber" finish is really cool, I still regret not grabbing Scorn earlier. Their imagery is astounding too, they always have such beautiful photographs!
Images courtesy of the manufacturer.


  1. WOW! Those are some amazing campaign shots!

  2. These colors are beautiful and what a great campaign. I love the stone brown

    Michelle Peeples

  3. Their photos always blow me away. So stunning.

  4. Wow, these looks absolutely amazing. I want them!

  5. I love their campaings so much. Everything they do is so edgy and different but it all makes sense in a weird way.

  6. It's funny that they have a full sized model whose face you can not see.

    A shame they celebrate "difference" but fall into many a sexist/size-ist cliche.

  7. @Anonymous Uhh, that's a bit of a stretch if you ask me. Just because the photos they sent me do not include that model's face doesn't mean other photos in the campaign don't. Plus the fact that they used that model at all says they are NOT excluding differences.


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