Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Illamasqua Theatre of the Nameless: Sneak Peek!

Illamasqua will announce their highly-anticipated AW11 Theatre of the Nameless collection this Friday, September 2 and in the mean time, they have a sneak preview for you, and a fantastic competition to celebrate!

Be the first to win the new Nail Varnish shades of the collection with a unique, rubberised finish by entering at www.illamasqua.com/kinkynails 
Taking a lead from the colour-coded specialities of the Wittenberg Platz’s domineering Boot Girls, Illamasqua introduces confident new shades, in a brazen display of utter indulgence. The Theatre of the Nameless proudly parades a kinky new waxy “rubber-look” finish to Illamasqua’s hardwearing, chip-resistant
 Nail Varnish …

Taint – Stone Brown, Kink – Bottle Green, Vice – Deep Cerise, Faux Pas – Blue Violet
To enter, go to Illamasqua.com/kinkynails – the internationally open competition opens on Friday 26th August and runs until Sunday 4th September – all T&Cs on the website.
Omg, I am so looking forward to these! The Illamasqua "rubber" finish is really cool, I still regret not grabbing Scorn earlier. Their imagery is astounding too, they always have such beautiful photographs!
Images courtesy of the manufacturer.
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