Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cult Nails - Nail File Review

Hey folks! I wanted to let you know that my nails are almost healed and back to normal. I am just raring to go with posting, I have literally hundreds of polishes to show you still! It has been lovely having a break and showcasing the talent of my fellow bloggers that I admire and aspire to be like, but I am ready to get back on my game :) I have a few more guest posts to go but then I'll be back.

I wanted to write a quick review on my friend Maria's brand Cult Nails' nail files. I was recently privileged to meet her at CosmoProf in Las Vegas a few weeks ago and she graciously gifted me with one of her nail files that she sells from Cult Nails. It is a 5 1/2" double sided glass file with her brand name, either red or black, on the end. I love this file for several reasons, one - it is "sharper" or has a little bit more grit than most glass files I've used which makes it easier to file with and not so time consuming. Two - it is double sided, as most glass files I've used are only one sided. This increases its longevity as you don't wear it out as fast or it doesn't matter what angle you're filing from. Three - it's glass which is definitely more gentle on your nails, it is better for peeling or sensitive nails. And four - it comes with a velvet case to store it so you don't reach into your cup of tools and snag a nail on it by mistake (this happens to me with regular files all the time :P).
Image courtesy of Body and Soul Beauty
You can get these from for $10 $12 each. I think I've paid that much or more for any glass file I've gotten in the past so I think it's incredibly reasonable for the best one (in my opinion) ever. Toodles kittens!

Product received as a gift.


  1. Can't wait for your nails to be back on the blog <3

  2. the price was upped to $12 =( I need a new one tho lol my one from OPI is lookin rough

  3. Where's your nail girl? Ha ha! Hope they're growing fast. I have a good double sided glass file. I can't use anything else. Just doesn't work. Love the double sided. I don't remember where or what brand I bought. I have a few other one sided files. Prefer the doubles.

  4. Glass files - the only way to go - have used them since they first merged to glass out of the old ceramic files. I will add on of these onto my Cult order that I just was getting ready to put in and give it a try. Right now have a brand I LOVE - but always looking for better. Glad to hear your nails are getting better Kelly!

  5. I used my Cult Nails file for the first time this afternoon. LOVE it! I use only glass files because my nails tend to peel, but this one by Cult Nails is better than other glass files I've tried. You're right: it has a bit more grit than most, making filing a piece of cake!


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