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Monday, August 15, 2011

Guest Post by Bright Lights, Big Color: Pink Leopard

Please enjoy this guest post by my friend Landa from Bright Lights, Big Color!

I cannot tell you guys how honored I am to be on this blog. Kellie is one of my favorites and my nail crush. She has the CUTEST nails. I am so flattered that she even asked me to write a post for you guys. She is the best and I love you, Gonzo sistah!

So if I you have ever come by my blog or read my twitter then you probably know one thing. I HATE PINK NAIL POLISH! It drives me insane and it is extremely odd because I love pink everything else. I just can't hang with the polish.  Well, for some reason only known to the Lord above I wanted to do a pink mani with my favorite Konad plate, m57. O.P.I. Sparrow Me the Drama is what I used for the base coat and it is probably one of the more tolerable pinks that I own. It was okay but I couldn't deal looking at and that is when I pulled out China Glaze Ahoy and Color Club Worth the Risque (which I just got and I am so LATE on) and went to town and got this cute manicure that I'll never wear again, lol. I wore it for a whole two days. Shocking??? Not really. I have been incredibly lazy lately. Ha!

Also look at how long my fingers are! E.T. Phone Home! Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read my guest post. I love you, Kellie!!!

Aw I love my L-Doodle =) She was one of my first friends on the blogging scene and we've become way close. I adore her and love her gorgeous skin color!

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