Wednesday, July 1, 2009

new notd's

'ello mateys! so i am on an official no buy binge starting yesterday :( cuz this chick is getting outta hand. i'm a poor college kid and this buy every nail polish in sight thing is getting seriously craaaazy. anyway, before i pledged this, i picked up opi's matte alpine snow and matte la paz-itively hot and ordered sephora's glittery blue shade that is similar to essie's starry starry night (which hasn't come yet). anyway, i haven't mastered the technique to the matte shades yet cuz LPH was super hard for me to get right and was all chunky so i sloughed it all off and tried alpine snow. (which is why you see some residual pink around my cuticles, ewww)so that lasted for about a day, then i got bored of it, even though it is prettier than i figured it would be and i didn't have any chip issues even tho it is sans base and top coats, i put on a few layers of Nucolor NC2 Pear Hug, which is a super shimmery frosty light green shade. super cute, but i had some streaky issues.the pedi i've been rocking for the last week or so has been solid essie flirty fuchsia, but i decided to shake it up a bit and make it a funky french. i bought the matte alpine snow mainly as a way to do better french manicures because they are supposed to dry faster. and in that it's already an investment well worth it right?! because it did dry super quck and didn't chip at all :)
remember to click on the pics to make them bigger!

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