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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

barielle high steppin' part 2

the next polish i have to show you in the high steppin' collection i got to share with AllYouDesire :) is called passion pirouette. it is a frosty purple metallic lacquer. the only reason i didn't love this completely was that it left heavy brush strokes. although, it is beautiful on AYD! maybe it is user error ;) this is two coats.
lamp light
night moves is a metallic silver foil that has that uber sparkle factor. i was surprised at how easy it was to take off too, as it looks like it might have that dreaded glitter texture, but it glides on and off like a regular shimmer. love this!
lamp light
slow motion is probably my least favorite from the collection. and i got really crappy pictures haha, so i apologize but i guess subconsciously my camera skills reflect my disdain for the polish. Barielle describes this as a light metallic lavender. i describe it as frosty ugly pinky lavender yuck. sorry, but i just did not like this at all. plus, brushstrokes = blech. this is two coats.
see part 1 here

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