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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

nars nail polish

the two nars polishes i own were really big big lemmings for me before i got them. one ended up being everything i wanted and more. the other did a major nose dive and was a disappointment in my opinion. can you guess which is which?

nars purple rain came out this spring. it's a dark jewel toned purple with ribbons of blue and red shimmer throughout. *gah* kill me now i LOVE this polish! oops i spoiled the surprise. yep this is the one i love out of the two in this post. how can you not stand agape and drool at the sight of this baby? this is three coats.
lamp light
with ChG matte magic topcoat
nars versailles was hugely built up in my head, idk why honestly. maybe it's all those amber valletta (love her!) promo pics of the summer collection for nars, but i was dying to have this polish. it's billed as a soft yellow gold with champagne shimmer. yeah i'd say that's pretty accurate. it's just not as pretty as i imagined it would be on my nails. maybe it's just how it looks with my skin tone. oh and it's a frost/metallic leaning more towards frosty. and did i mention it's impossible not to get bubbles in this? i tried this swatch three times, every time ending up with massive bubbles upon bubbles. even with the tiiiniest thinnest coats possible. so i gave up. *sigh* it's a shame, cuz we all know i love gooooold.
lamp light
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