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Thursday, June 24, 2010

random notds

hiiiii :D

this is the only essence polish i have. i got it at ulta for 99 cents yay! the bottles are teeny tho, 5 ml. it's really the only one that appealed to me. all the good ones are only sold over seas still. this color is called what do u think and it is a dupe for chanel's orange fizz. that is most likely the reason it appealed to me. this is three coats of creamy orange dreaminess.
this polish is called lazy daisy pink. it's an opi i found at ross for like $2 or something one day when i was digging around. i don't love it and in fact, since it was old non-big3-free formula, i traded it in during the zoya swap. it is streaky pearl frosty pink. kinda nice if you like that sort of thing, but the formula was like death. bubbles and streaks oh my!
this is dazzled by gold by opi. oooh i LOVE this one. i wore this one back around christmas time i think? or thanksgiving. sometime around then because i took the picture when i was visiting home in nevada. anyhoo, this gold is mostly glitter but it's the really dense kind that coat opaque after maybe three swipes. i love how the different shades of gold glitz out at you. you can almost pick out a silver glitter here and there!

monkey business by essie is a polish i got in a discount bin at tj maxx. they had a huge ace bin there around christmas time filled to the brim with essies i've never heard of and this is one of the little puppies i fished outta there. i thought i would cherish this guy more, but when i had it on, it matched my skin tone so much that i felt like i had on self tanner and it got all over my nails or something. really weird feeling. it's description on the web is "tawny as a lioness". which is also weird...considering it's named after another animal.
mac neon 8 was a lucky find for about $5 in a discount outlet up in park city. it's a metallic orange with a pinky duochrome shimmer in the sunlight. i didn't love this once i had it on. but meh, i really like mac polishes so whatevs. plus neo sci-fi, from which this polish came, is one of my favorite mac collections ever.
i think blue nail polish looks pretty stunning on me. not to brag or anything, just sayin! haha but really, china glaze's sexy in the city is not my favorite blue polish but it is pretty. a frosty/metallic shimmery blue with a teal flash. this was prone to brush strokes but you can't really tell once you get through, with is cool.
this mac is another one i scored from the outlet in park city. mercenary is a gorgeous bronze from the style warrior collection, which is absolutely my favorite collection ever from them. the gold foil/grain in it completely blows it out of the water and makes this polish a total winner. too bad i didn't get a great picture of it huh. can we over?? i think there are fine bits of pink and green glitter in there too. this polish is just amazing. if you can track it down, get it!
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