Thursday, June 3, 2010

bee kissed lip balm

i recently came across a gem of a find in sally beauty. i was returning a god awful product (a hair mousse that left little white flakes when it dried, eek!) and decided to exchange it for some polish (of course) and had a dollar credit left over. you know how they have those little counter displays of goodies next to the register so you'll impulse buy at the last second? well this little baby was there and worth SCORE! a dollar. so i tossed it in with my other purchases not thinking much about it. then i tried it. and i can honestly say it is my favorite lip balm/chapstick ever!

Bee Kissed Mint Lip Balm has 2% peppermint oil in it so it "freshens" your breath (or at least seems like it does) which i love. but more than that, i love the texture it gives my lips. when i first put it on, it felt slightly tacky and heavy, like an overly creamy lipstick--which i was scared of and did not like at first. then i looked in the mirror to make sure i didn't have white looking lips, because it seriously seemed like it was melting into my lips! but after i pressed my lips together and felt it, i was in love. it is moisturizing but not greasy or waxy. it doesn't leave your lips instantly, in fact it probably stays on longer than any other lip product i've ever used. i am probably not describing it very well, haha but believe me you need to try this stuff! i think they have a plain bees' wax version of this stuff too, but i haven't tried that one. and no, i am not affiliated with this company at all (you know i tell you guys legit!) i just am head over heels with this stuff! have any of you tried it? what is your favorite lip balms or chapsticks?
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