Wednesday, June 23, 2010

favorite perfumes

hey pals n' gals :D i've been a busy girl these last few days, it's finals week, so unfortunately i haven't gotten as many posts up as i would've liked. the next part of the bb couture cantina nights collection will be up soon and i've got the opi summer flutter collection to show you too, along with some ciate polishes and the new china glaze vintage vixen collection! so i'm a busy kitty for sure. but today real quick i wanted to share with you what my favorite fragrances are right now. i've gotten some new ones recently and it just seemed apprapo to do a post on them

if i had to pick my "signature" scent it would probably be marc jacobs daisy. simple, clean, and fresh. the top note of this fragrance is violet which is vintage and edgy but still innocent and slightly warm. i adore this and wear it most everyday! my sister just got me a huge box set of it for my birthday :D

my next favorite lately has got to be saint by kat von d. this is a very...hmm, unexpected perfume. it's very unique smelling, something i've never quite encountered before. i wasn't sure if i loved it at first, but i kept going back to the store to smell it. so i finally bought the rollerball of it after i realized i was spraying it on me every time i went by sephora! i am head over heels with this stuff now, it's so intoxicating! the description says it's a mixture of mirabelle plum, mandarin, tiare flower, caramel, jasmine, vanilla, musk, and sandalwood. that may sound like a lot but it's something that will intrigue and devour your senses. j'adore!

now, i HATED aquolina pink sugar orignal. like with a passion. so when i got a sample of pink sugar sensual, i was expecting to gag when i smelled it. however, the opposite happened. i inhaled deeply then sprayed it all over myself immediately! i can't get enough of this stuff! black current and tangerine are the top notes and i think that's what makes me melt when i smell this baby. mmm ahhh...

i really wanted to like the burberry colognes. i really did! the bottles are so cute and i just adore the style and sophistication of the brand. but the scents did nothing to impress me. however, when my sister smelled particularly good and different one day, and i asked her what she was wearing, imagine my surprise when she told me it was a burberry cologne! burberry brit sheer is the lighter and fruitier version of brit, this scent carries the notes of pineapple leaves and peach blossom. i don't actually own this yet, but you can bet i will soon!

and the last one that i have to tell you about today is by victoria's secret. i am a big fan of a lot of their stuff and totally disgusted with the rest of it haha. so i smell with caution when i go in to one of their stores. for example, i love pink and body by victoria, but hate heavenly and very sexy. they come out with different editions of heavenly every so often and for spring this year it was heavenly flowers. well this stuff just knocked me on my knickers! it smells sooooo damn good! unfortunately, they just discontinued it. BUT their semi-annual sale may still be going on so you might be able to snag a bottle for up to 75% off! hurry, hurry, hurry! the floral notes are peony, apricot flower, and sparkling pear. i burn, i pine, i perish! yeah...i take perfume pretty seriously ;)

but honestly, i am allergic to a lot of fragrances and heavy musky stuff does not sit right with me at all. but these are all great for summer and light and lovely. hope you liked this! talk to you soon sweeties!
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