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Friday, June 18, 2010

milani 3d holographic

helloo kittens :D i'm getting excited/scuured for my birthday on sunday! i know it's not a big deal, but for real i am gonna feel old. i have always thought that 24 is like a legit grown-up haha so i no longer have my childish ways to lean back on! haha, i guess it had to happen sooner or later. pfft who am i kidding i'm always going to be a kid at heart :)

this milani collection is called the 3d holographic specialty lacquer, which came out this spring. the milani website says "The nail lacquer appears to color-shift as the illumination source or the viewing angle changes. This color phenomenon is based on Holographic Image Technology that makes a very thin, bright, embossed metallic flake look like a rainbow." well my my my haha. to be honest, i think they're pretty dope, but we've seen some great holo polishes in the past too. these are more like the china glaze kaleidoscope collection than the omg series, in comparison.

i don't have too many milani polishes, and if i remember correctly, the blue and purple of these might've been my first two ever. the drugstores around here don't carry the brand. the only store that has them is a smith's market place a few towns over, and even then it's only in the occasional display, never a permanent section. the bottle shape is alright, a little small. the brush is thin and small for my taste, think essie style, but still alright. holos can be tricky, sometimes cuticle pull can occur, but these were super easy to apply. these are all two coats.

hi-res is a nice lightish purple holo. i really like this one! i think a darker purple would've have been prettier and more unexpected though.
cyberspace is a sky blue holo. i thought the diamond would be my favorite out of the collection, but this baby ended up showing it up. super cute!
hd was a gift from my dear friend and fellow blogger miss Naive Nails. my display was ransacked by the time i got to it so she graciously offered to look for this silver/diamond polish and send it down my way. thanks girl! i love it :)
3d is GOLD so of course i love it :) one of the only gold holographic polishes that i think i own, which is a downright travesty! i need more haha. these photos were taken with a bad setting on my camera i think because they suck. sorry! this one is really stunning. this color leans more towards the yellow side of gold.
lamp light
did you pick up any polishes from this collection? what were your favorites? i wish i'd have gotten the pink one. i skipped the green, it looked just weird to me haha.
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