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Sunday, June 20, 2010

BB couture cantina nights pt. 1

this is my 300th post! and it is my 24th birthday :D and it is my first review of a brand i'm madly in love with that i've gotten to try for the first time, so i think this is a pretty special post. so excuse me if i celebrate for a second. *ahem* YAAAAYYY!!!!

so anyways...haha BB Couture and Overall Beauty owner Cindy sent me some of the polishes from the Cantina Nights collection to review so here they are! i've been meaning to place an order for some of these polishes forever, i've been lemming some since i've started blogging! however for some reason i just have put it off. and the day before Cindy emailed me about sending some polishes, I purchased some BB polishes from Michelle over at A Stroke of Color from her blog sale haha! so i guess when it rains it pours huh :D
sex on the beach is a gorgeous orangey red jelly-like polish packed to the brim with glitter. the glitter is multi-colored, but the colors that i can see the best are gold, green, and blue. very summery :)
blue bahama wasn't my cup of tea when i first saw it, but once i had it on my finger tips i was sold. this color is really interesting, it seemed pretty blah and sort of cheapy looking to me at first. like a color you'd find in yucky drugstore collection that had been there since the 80's. however it really is a stunner. it has a lovely bunch of shimmer in it that is pink and green which is way cool. also the color of blue has really grown on me. it's a blue-green that i can't place but i know i've seen it before. awesome. maybe in a drink! haha :D
huckleberry martini sounds like a gross drink. not gonna lie. but it is a beautiful polish. slight brush strokes in this one unfortunately, as it is sort of metallicy. pretty royal purple with colored shimmer. as usual, less blue than it is showing up in these pictures.
kiwi margarita is more my type of drink, although i don't drink tequila haha. it just sounds yummy. mmm kiwis! this one is the lighter of the greens in the collection. it's rather sheer, but i like to build up my polishes, i don't mind four or five coats although i know some of you would NEVER do that. it's ok, po-tate-o, po-tat-o. this has green glitter and the base color is slightly frosty. the lamp pictures make it look kind of apple green but it's more pale spring green.
pina colada, nom nom nom! LOVE! it may not be for everyone, as it is another sheer one. i built it up with about five coats, which again, i don't mind in the slightest. it just takes a while longer to dry (if you do it all at once). pina colada is a gorgeous pale yellow with green & yellow glitter. i love bb couture because they do unexpected colors like this all the time. i just need to get me more of them haha! the flash picture shows it very very pale, the lamp pictures bring out the bottle color and makes it seem way more banana than lemon chiffon. this one was hard to capture just right. i'd say to get the color perfect, it'd be somewhere in between the two.
*phew* that's all for today folks! have a great one, i know i will! XOXO

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