Thursday, June 17, 2010

mint 2 be vs. re-fresh mint

this is a short post, rather sloppy :( but ho hum whatevs. mint greens were ALL the rage this winter/spring with the release of chanel jade. and of course all the spring pastel collections had to include a minty green color of their own. these two polishes are definitely more pastel and mod than jade however. i honestly think i'm destined to own every type of mint green polish ever made. i love them!

icing's mint 2 be polish is typical of their nice creme formula, albeit a bit gooey. i was expecting that though, pastels are hard to apply in general. this one comes off a tiny bit warmer than some.
china glaze's re-fresh mint came out with the up & away collection. it's another lovely minty shade, although this one tends to run on the cooler spectrum. i can't find a picture of my full swatch of this so unfortunately you only get to see the color on two fingers haha.

below on my index and middle fingers is the china glaze while the icing polish is on my ring and pinky fingers. *ahem* now probably only the most seasoned of lacquerheads could identify the difference, but there is a slight one. mint 2 be almost has a faint shimmer while re-fresh mint is a pure creme. i would recommend either one, depending on which brush you prefer because the formulas are strikingly similar.

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