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Sunday, June 13, 2010

opi hong kong part 2

here are the rest of the colors that i bought from the opi hong kong collection that came out this spring.

red my fortune cookie is the quintessential opi red. lovely, bright, pigmented, and easy to apply. do i love it? yes i do! and in case you're wondering, no i didn't do clean up on this swatch for some gawd-awful reason, eww.
dim sum plum has such a cute name haha. it's another creme that has that slightly dusty feel to the color, which i love. reddish purpley plummy berry color that is on the cool side of the spectrum. i didn't think i'd be crazy about this color but i ended up really liking it on me.
and last but not least, is jade is the new black. the stand out star from the collection in many opinions, this guy is totally one of my absolute favorite nail polishes of all time. a dusty mid-tone green that doesn't compete with any of my other thousand green lacquers. *sigh* i'm in love! i took a lot of pictures of this one haha.
what were your favorite colors from this collection? hope you all had a great weekend! i went out with my friends for an early birthday celebration. we decided to go out this weekend instead of next (when my actual birthday is) because it falls on Father's Day, so there would be family in town and other obligations yadda yadda yadda. it was fun times and i'm certainly still tired today from all the shenanigans. and i've learned a universal truth, every girl deserves tiramisu and arbor mist for her birthday!!
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