Wednesday, June 30, 2010

estee lauder ultra violet

hiiii :) how are you lovely people today? i'm sick-o unfortunately, i haz the chillz and sore throat and a yucky headache. time to overdose on vitamins! plus i went and saw Eclipse last night, like everyone else in the civilized world, so i got basically no sleep. good times! anywaaaays, just so you know, my birthday giveaway is officially closed and i will be tallying the entries today/tonight. i'm hoping to have the winners announced tomorrow, but don't kill me if it takes a wee bit longer.

for now, i have this estee lauder nail polish to show you called ultra violet. it's one of my sister's that she generously let me borrow. it came out with the bronze goddess collection, which was pretty fantastic actually. i don't usually go for that brand, as i see it as for a more "mature" type of women. the type that wear pumps and pantyhose to work. the type that can wear lipstick all day without looking like she's in a costume contest. i am definitely not one of those types of gals, though i give mad props to anyone who is. i find it hard to maintain a good ponytail all day let alone a flippen lipsticked mouth and pantyhose haha :)

this polish went on perfectly, sheerish at first but built up very nicely as i expected. it's got that glass flecked quality about it that i love and a rich violet color. and it's a jelly! yay! pink crystals make up the sparkley quality so that little contrast makes the polish just pop. this is three coats.

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