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Monday, June 14, 2010


here is some rather old swatch photos of one of my highly sought after essie nail varnishes, oscar please. i found it lurking on transdesign, sort of htf since it's discontinued. i first saw it on lextard's flickr and decided i needed it badly! i love weirdo colors like this. also, the bottle has no marking, the essie is usually imbedded into the glass, but this one is smooth on all sides. kinda cool little thing. i would describe this as sort of yellow refrigerator slightly goldy color. like an old appliance in the 50's? anyway, it's super unique and different which i like. and i wear it even though my older sister said it looks kinda like vomit (eww!).
(the above picture shows it lighter than it is)
who else is down with "ugly" colors for nail polish? i would make a whole collection of off-beat crazy hues like this one if i was a polish maker person :)

the next polish is lime lights by xtreme wear: hard as nails by sally hansen. it's definitely not my favorite but it's fun for sure. i want to try it over black soon. it's very sheer, minty cool green with shimmer. this is 4 coats and it doesn't even begin to cover the nail line. so yeah, i think it'd be best for layering.
icing's laura's fave is next. this polish unfortunately is one of those stupid products that has two different versions floating around. this version is the turquoise greeny version. the other is very blue, almost tiffany blue. the polish has lovely shimmer going thru and i do like this but i wasn't wowed.  i borrowed this i believe, yep i did :) nihrida did a great post on a comparison of the two versions here. for some reason, my photos came out way more green. idk i don't have it so i can't compare. :P
icing's blue goose is next. it's a mid tone blue with shimmer that has a foil finish. i was way excited to try this (again, it's a borrowed polish) but it fell short for me. it's just an "eh" color that i couldn't see myself really wearing all that much.
i literally cannot find this polish anywhere so i'm at a loss for the name of it. i do like this red a lot, it's very striking. i also like the slight shimmer/glow that it gives off. sorry for the lack of info on this guy.
bleeecchhh i'm ridiculously not motivated to work today. how are you??
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