Saturday, June 26, 2010


glitter, glitz, glam! i'm a glitter girl alright, but not just any glitter. i like the finer things in life. a lot of the glitter polishes out there look cheap and tacky and wear for about two seconds before they chip. and ironically, wear like gritty iron siding when you try to take it off! so yeah, it has to be good glitter. and this, my friends, is a GOOD glitter.

rescue beauty lounge locavore was lent to me by my bestie bestest mickelle (who STILL hasn't started her blog, hrumph) and i wanted to treat this pretty lady right. so i didn't just wear it on a boring old tuesday during work or school or something mundane like that. i wore it on my 24th birthday celebration :D my friends took me out to dinner and we partied the night away a week before (because my actual birthday landed on father's day this year and peeps were mad busy). my girl courtney told everyone to wear gold, cuz i'm allll about the gold haha, and we went out to buca di bepo in salt lake city for dinner. they have a pope themed room to eat in, as it is an italian restaurant, but unfortunately we didn't get to eat in it because people make reservations for it like months in advance. boo! :( oh well, it was great time anyway haha. family style dining, cocktails, draft beer, and free tiramisu = amazing. i even got cutie bright gold ballet flats as a present! (and a bottle of arbor mist, haha!)

anydrunk, back to the matter at hand, literally HAHA. locavore blingtastic, being as it has gold, green, purple, blue and silver glitter particles in it! the gold and green take center stage, complimenting each other nicely. i topped three coats of this gritty gal with two coats of seche vite. who knew who's hair my hands would be running through that night?! don't want rough nails, now do we ;)
hope your saturday is shaping up well my loves ♥
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