Wednesday, July 29, 2009

icing paparazzi

omg omg omg, i have not been this excited for a nail polish in a long time. well, in a while haha. i honestly ran to the display in icing when i saw they had this color. and it was the last one so i had to grab it up! i just had to. i saw paparazzi on steph's closet and fell head over heels. it's so unique and different than anything i own and i love oranges!! this is a rusty orange bordering on mauvey rose (LOVES it) with tiny silver sparkles and bigger holo glitter pieces in it. it builds and applies extremely well, which was surprising to me. i was expecting it to be a little messy, as it reminded me slightly of lippman's anniversary superstar, but no mess no fuss! the brush in icing polishes is a dream, a bit bigger than most (think opi but slightly less wide and more thick?) but it worked awesome with my nails. this is three coats, although i honestly think you could get away with one, hee hee i just couldn't stop applying it! (i'm retarded.) no topcoat, cuz i wanted it to be a true swatch for once haha.

the photos are regrettably a bit smaller than usual (no bigger when you click) because i accidentally changed the settings on my camera when i shot them and didn't realize it til today. except the one below, it gets bigger when you click on it :)

*full sun*
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