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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

coconut kiss

i'm not gonna lie, this is a stupid name for a polish. and i love dumb polish names. mostly because this has nothing to do with coconuts. because they are brown, or white, or tropical, or whatever. but this polish is purple. and coconut kiss does not bring to mind the awesome purpleness that this polish is. but whatev.

i've heard that this china glaze is a dupe for nubar's utterly coveted pasadena purple (from gigi's tips on "he's just not that in to you"). p.s. i hated that movie. it gives chicks a bad name. no offense if you liked it. you can see pics of pasadena purple on scrangie's and the nailphile's blogs. i personally think coconut kiss is a bit prettier ;) but that's just me haha! unfortunately, i do not think it went all that well with my skin tone. i did borrow it from my friend mickelle (as we decided we're swapping and not buying for a while haha!) so no regrets. i hate polish regret, it's pretty much the worst thing. i'm being dramatic today sry.

it was hard to capture the color accurately, as my camera always turns purples slightly blue. the sun pictures are most accurate. this is three coats, i got a few bubbles in there. wasn't being especially careful with my application.

Edit: oh a postscript, i did the cuticle oil trick and no clean up with this guy too so i think it will become a regular thing for me. try it if you haven't. it's mad easy!
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